How much money is required for Europe trip from India?

How much money is required for Europe trip from India?

So, the whole trip to Europe could cost you about 1.5 Lacs to 2 Lacs. Here is the whole list that will help you understand the charges/fee of everything for the trip to go successful. Visa – The Schengen visa costs about €60 for every adult or child.

Is it safe to backpack Europe alone?

Overall, Europe is very safe but it’s important to take some safety precautions. In general, places in Europe can even be safer than big cities in the US since most countries have outlawed guns and generally, assaults are few and far between, especially as they pertain to tourists (you can find stats by country here).

How do I go backpacking alone in Europe?

Just follow these tips, and you, too, can have an awesome backpacking trip.

  1. Think Europe. If it’s your first time traveling alone, backpacking Europe is the way to go.
  2. Find your Inner Social Butterly.
  3. Find a Nightime Buddy.
  4. Be Alert.
  5. Be Wary of “Real” Strangers.
  6. Ask, Ask, Ask.
  7. Give’em an Oscar Performance.
  8. Lonely Hearts.
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How much does it cost to visit the Eiffel Tower?

New Eiffel Tower rates

Adult rate Child under 4 rate
Ticket with access lift – Second floor 16.60 euros Free
Ticket with access stairs – Second floor 10.40 euros Free
Ticket with access lift – The top 25.90 euros Free
Ticket with acess stairs 2nd floor + lift – The top 19.70 euros Free

Which is the best time to visit Europe?

Although Europe is a year-round travel destination, the best time to visit Europe is during the summer months of June to September. This is the time when the sun is high, the beaches are warm and the weather is sunny.