How old is Hans Capon KCD?

How old is Hans Capon KCD?

Voiced by. Hans Capon was a young Bohemian nobleman and the heir of the market-town of Rattay. He is based on the real life character of Jan Ptáček (see codex below), and going off the dates in the codex, he is approximately fifteen years old during the events of the game.

How old is Henry in Kingdom Come?

According to this interview with Will Powers of the publisher Deep Silver, Henry is 27(ish). How accurate that is it’s hard to say. Certainly Henry in appearance and behaviour appears closer to later teens/ early twenties as suggested in the OP.

Where is Capon kingdom come?

You’ll find Capon in the courtyard next to his horse and two dogs.

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Where is Sir Hans Capon in Rattay?

He’s in his room on the 3rd floor of the lower Rattay castle. He should be laying in his bed.

Can you marry Theresa in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

Kingdom Come: Deliverance gives Henry options for romance, like any good action role-playing game. Well, two options. Wooing Theresa and Lady Stephanie (these two objectives are not mutually exclusive and can, in fact, be done mostly simultaneously) will earn you an achievement or trophy for each of them.

Will there be a KCD 2?

Finally, some news: Fans of Kingdom Come Deliverance have been waiting for what feels like an eternity for a sequel or at least an announcement for it. But even 3 years after the first game was released, there is no trace of Kingdom Come 2.

How many rabbits does it take to beat capon?

We stopped at four hares and won the competition, but we’ve seen reports of people winning with as few as two hares. At the very least we’d recommend collecting three or four hares before you skip time to the evening hours and speak with Lord Capon at the camp site.

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Can’t find Hans capon?

Within the yellow search area you’re given on the map, you’ll want to look in the very north of it, right smack dab in the trees. Comb the North area and you should see a small encampment, with Hans Capon tied to a tree right nearby.

Can you save Bianca kingdom come?

Bianca’s body is later found by Henry, who is distraught, having held out hope that she had survived. He can retrieve her ring as a memento before seeing to his parents. He vows to bury her after burying his parents, but is knocked out by Runt before he can return.

Is Henry Radzigs son?

He finally reveals the secret everyone has kept from Henry his whole life. He is not the son of Martin the blacksmith – he is the illegitimate son of Lord Radzig Kobyla. Istvan taunts Henry, telling him the reason Radzig never told him of his true parentage was because he was ashamed of him.