Is Daenerys Mary Sue?

Is Daenerys Mary Sue?

She’s a full-blown Mary Sue. Based on what we’ve seen so far, it’s quite obvious Daenerys is a Mary Sue. Everything seems to somehow always go her way despite all odds. Whenever she makes a mistake that would have likely killed any other GoT character, she always seems to come out benefiting from it.

Who was Daenerys talking about someone taller?

Speaking of Jon, Daenerys said: “I know he’s true to his word – he’s only the second man in my life I can say that about.” “Who was the first?” Sansa asked. “Someone taller,” Dany replied, much to her and Sansa’s amusement.

Is Daenerys a tyrant?

Daenerys is not a righteous badass here to break the wheel. She is a tyrant high on her own supply. Daenerys Targaryan was always really good at conquering and proclaiming her ideals to the world. She and everyone who supported her rarely paused to ask why exactly she was the right choice to rule Westeros.

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Who does Daenerys trust?

Missandei is an interpreter who becomes a close confidante and trusted advisor to Daenerys Targaryen. She is from the island of Naath, off the coast of Sothoryos. She is also a polyglot who speaks nineteen languages.

How does daenerys learn to control her dragons?

Daenerys Targaryen has trained her three dragons to respond to vocal commands in her mother tongue of High Valyrian. She often uses the command “Dracarys”, to which her dragons respond by instantly breathing fire and burning anything in their path.

What lesson does daenerys learn qarth?

After she frees herself from the House of the Undying, she comes to Xaro and tells him that she learned a lesson. She will have whatever she wants through Fire and Blood.

Is Daenerys Targaryen a Mary Sue?

Here are some reasons why Daenerys’s Mary Sue character is anything but nuanced. 1. She fashions herself as a morally superior conqueror despite having no claim to the throne It seems like everyone has forgotten about the demise of House Targaryen and how Robert Baratheon became the Usurper.

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Do you like or hate Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones?

I know that Daenerys is one of the fan favourites in Game of Thrones. I know that most people rave about what a good person she is, worship her as a feminist icon, and cheer for her as she frees slaves and works towards conquering Westeros. I do not agree with those people. I HATE Daenerys Targaryen.

Why did Daenerys sentence Randyll Tarly and his son Dickon?

Sentencing Randyll Tarly and his son Dickon to be burned alive by her dragon, is a continuation of the Targaryens’ inclination for abject cruelty.

What are Daenerys Targaryen’s conquests?

Daenerys’s slew of conquests began in the East, where she took umbrage at the prevalence of slavery and decided to put an end to it. How she achieved it is quite unnerving to say the least. In attempting to free the slaves, she burned and destroyed cities, hanged slavers and nobles alike and seized power in a very Bolshevik way.