Is GST applicable on Google pay?

Is GST applicable on Google pay?

This is applicable irrespective of whether you are registered with the Google entity registered in India or with the Google entity registered outside India. If you are registered with the Google entity registered in India, they will charge GST @ 18\% and the same would be mentioned on the invoice.

Who is a merchant in Google Pay?

Google Pay is a way for merchants to accept quick and easy mobile payments for physical goods and services. Customers add e-money and credit cards to Google Pay. When they use Google Pay to make a purchase, the buying process is faster and easier, all with a simple tap of their device in stores.

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How do I pay GST with Google Pay?

Step 1: On the GST portal’s homepage, navigate to the Services > Payments > Create Challan option. Step 2: Enter the GSTIN or the ID of a temporary user or tax return preparer or UN body. Enter the captcha code. Step 3: Enter amounts for CGST, SGST, IGST or other heads, as applicable.

Is GST mandatory for interstate purchase?

Persons making inter-state supply of goods either directly or through e-commerce operator are liable for compulsory GST registration without any threshold limit.

How do I set up a merchant account on Play Store?

Click Settings Account details. Under “Merchant Account,” click Set up a merchant account. You’ll be redirected from Play Console to the payments center to set up your payments profile. Make sure to have your business information available to set up your payments profile.

How do I register for developer and merchant registration?

Before you start, make sure your location is supported for developer and merchant registration . To create a merchant payments profile, you must create a Developer Account first. Sign up for a Google developer account or sign in to go to Play Console to create your payments profile.

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How do I sell paid apps on Google Play Store?

To sell paid apps and in-app purchases on Google Play, you need to set up a profile in the Google payments center. After you create a payments center profile, it’s automatically linked to your Play Console.

How do I link my play console to a payments profile?

To link your Play Console to a payments profile: Sign in to your Play Console. Click Download Reports > Financial. Select Set up a merchant account now. Type your business information to complete setup. After you’ve set up your payments profile, make sure your apps are sold using the proper tax for your location.