Is Interactive Brokers Robo advisor?

Is Interactive Brokers Robo advisor?

Interactive Advisors is the robo-advisor arm of Interactive Brokers LLC. Interactive Brokers is a large online brokerage company. Through the platform, clients gain access to approximately 80 different passively- and actively-managed robo-advisor portfolios.

What is Interactive Advisors Interactive Brokers?

Interactive Advisors is an Interactive Brokers-affiliated automated investing platform. You can get started with as little as $100, but fees can range from 0.08\% to 1.5\%. It offers managed portfolios, socially responsible options, smart beta portfolios, and more.

Are the robo-advisors we recommend to you the same ones we recommend?

We focus on highlighting the best robo-advisors possible and do not give any preference to robo-advisors from which we may receive compensation. These are the robo-advisors we’d recommend to our family and friends, and they’re the same ones we’re recommending to you.

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What is IBKR’s robo-advisory platform?

IBKR got into the robo-advisory space in 2015 when the company purchased Covestor, which allowed investors to follow an advisor and mirror the advisor’s trades. Covestor had been executing trades on IBKR’s platform since its launch to the public in 2007.

Can clients use interactive advisors for margin lending?

Clients can use the IB Investors’ Marketplace to search for financial planners and professionals. Interactive Advisors is among the handful of robo-advisors that offers margin lending as well as loans against the value of your portfolio, although both of these require a regular Interactive Brokers account in addition to the advisory account.

What is an Interactive Brokers impact dashboard?

An Interactive Brokers feature currently in beta test, the Impact Dashboard, is available to Interactive Advisors customers via their brokerage account, and is designed to help clients evaluate and invest in companies that align with their values.