What can I do after MA in geography?

What can I do after MA in geography?

Government Jobs after M.A in Geography

  1. Regional and Urban Planner.
  2. GIS and Remote Sensing Specialist.
  3. Geographer.
  4. Forest Manager.
  5. Demographer.
  6. Cartographer.
  7. Agricultural Specialist.
  8. Climatologist.

Which is better Ma history or MA Sociology?

In future, if you want to prepare for UPSE exams, then it would be more profitable for you to choose History that the role of history in this exams is very crucial. In future, if you want to prepare for UGC/NET exams, then it would be more better for you to choose Sociology.

Are geographers in demand?

Job Outlook Employment of geographers is projected to show little or no change from 2020 to 2030. Despite limited employment growth, about 100 openings for geographers are projected each year, on average, over the decade.

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Can a geography student apply in ISRO?

ISRO has invited applications from interested candidates for a free online course called basics of geographical information system for which students with a minimum qualification of under graduation or post graduation can apply.

How do you become a MA in sociology?

A Quick Glance At The MA Sociology Entrance Exams The students must qualify for the national or state level MA Sociology entrance exams such as IPU CET, PUCET, TISSNET, etc. Aspirants can choose B- schools or coaching institutes that prepare students for the entrance exams.

What is scope in sociology?

Sociology seeks to explore how societies emerge, persist and then change. Its scope includes study of social groups, social institutions and social processes. Scope of Sociology is more in the direction of an analysis of social problems and not in normative suggestion of solutions for these social problems.

Can I do MA in geography?

MA Geography or Master in Geography is a two years Post Graduate course. Graduate students with a Bachelor’s degree in Geography from a recognized university can pursue this program.

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Can I do MA geography after BA English?

You need to have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline to pursue an M.A in English.