What did they say in Esperanto in Captain Fantastic?

What did they say in Esperanto in Captain Fantastic?

No foreign language unless the language is spoken by all. You know the rule.” Later a girl says: “Ne estas nia kulpo, ke vi ne povas paroli Esperanton.” (It’s not our fault that you can’t speak Esperanto.)

What language are they speaking in Captain Fantastic?

Captain Fantastic/Languages
In the 2016 movie Captain Fantastic (film), Ben’s daughters speak Esperanto among other foreign languages. The following phrases are used: Mankas al mi Panjo. (I miss Mom.)

Is the movie Captain Fantastic based on a true story?

According to a report by Variety, the writer-director of the 2016 movie, Matt Ross revealed that he was somewhat inspired by his own experiences growing up with a hippie mom but the main inspiration for the film came not from a real person, but from his desires as a father.

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Do the kids go to school at the end of Captain Fantastic?

The interpretation of the vast majority was that the kids do indeed go to school. The majority also thought the kids should go to school. Most acknowledged this opinion had little to do with academics, because clearly the kids would be well beyond their peers in that regard.

How did Captain Fantastic end?

Leslie is hospitalized, away from her family and near her parents for bipolar disorder and eventually commits suicide, leaving Ben to raise the children on his own. He learns that Leslie’s father, Jack, plans to hold a Christian burial though Leslie was a Buddhist who wished to be cremated.

Where is Ido spoken?

In 2020, Ido had 24 native speakers in Finland….

Users 1,000–5,000, a few native speakers
Purpose constructed language International auxiliary language Proto-Esperanto Esperanto Ido
Sources based on Esperanto 1894
Official status