What do you do when expectations are not met?

What do you do when expectations are not met?

5 Ways To Deal With Unmet Expectations

  1. Manage your expectations. Make sure you set realistic goals and expectations.
  2. Realize and accept you are not in control of everything. Accept that fact.
  3. You are in control of many things. Know what you can control.
  4. Look in the mirror.
  5. Move on to greener pastures.

What happens when you let go of expectations?

Instead, you’re able to look towards events positively knowing that if things don’t go exactly as planned, or the unexpected happens, you’re able to accept that and move forward regardless of the outcome. Essentially letting go of expectations is about not getting hung up on things that don’t work out ‘your way’.

How do you let go of expectations of people?

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Tips for Letting Go of Others’ Expectations

  1. Put the expectations in perspective. Remember that someone else’s expectation of you is theirs, not yours—and therefore it is their problem, not yours.
  2. Check your own expectations of others.
  3. Cultivate your inner voice.
  4. Begin saying what you want.

How do I lower my expectations of myself?

How to Stop Expecting Too Much From Yourself

  1. Let go of the need to be perfect.
  2. Stop comparing yourself to other people.
  3. Question your expectations.
  4. Realise that you’re not superhuman.
  5. Understand that you’re not the same all the time.
  6. Let go of the need for constant achievement.
  7. Challenge your inner critic.

Why do expectations hurt?

Again, EXPECTATIONS HURT! Whenever we set expectations it is either too high, or too low. It is either on top of the world or on the ground, overwhelmed or disappointed, optimism or pessimism. Both ways of setting expectations are dangerous.

How can I love without expectation?

Love Without Expectations: 11 Easy Ways To Do It

  1. Have Faith In Your Relationship. It all begins with trust.
  2. Believe In Your Beloved.
  3. Accept Your Beloved The Way He/She Is.
  4. Become Selfless.
  5. Do Not Compare.
  6. Speak With An Open Mind.
  7. Do Not Blackmail.
  8. Apologise For Your Mistakes And Forgive Unconditionally.