What happens if I crash a courtesy car?

What happens if I crash a courtesy car?

What happens if you crash a courtesy car? If you crash a courtesy car, whatever insurance you have for the courtesy car will pay out. You should be entitled to another courtesy car.

Does insurance cover loaner cars?

Your Auto Insurance Most auto insurance policies cover a loaner that you drive. Insurance policies refer to loaners as temporary replacement vehicles. Even if your insurance doesn’t pay for the cost of a rental car, it still might cover any claims you make following an accident in a loaner or rental vehicle.

How long can you keep a loaner car?

Loaner Car FAQ It usually depends on the agreement that you and the dealership agreed. It may be for as long as your car service takes, or if your vehicle is totally at a loss, then it is possible to keep the car for 14 days and some 21 days.

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Will my insurance cover a courtesy car?

Courtesy car insurance cover. Courtesy car cover is often included as part of your comprehensive car insurance package, rather than a stand-alone policy. It provides a car for you to use for your day-to-day activities while your own car is in the garage after an accident.

What is the meaning of loaner?

Definition of loaner : something (such as a car or a watch) that is lent especially as a replacement for something being repaired.

Whats the difference between a loaner and a rental?

A loaner car is offered to you for free if your vehicle is in repairs or maintenance. Unlike courtesy cars, you pay to use a rental car, which may take you $50 to $100 per day. Vehicles in rental cars have higher mileage because of the people who rent the cars.

How do I return a loaner car?

Most rental car companies will allow you to return your rental car early without any extra charges. If you need to do this, call the company and let them know when you’ll be dropping the vehicle off, so they can be prepared.