What happens to North Korean defectors?

What happens to North Korean defectors?

If the defectors are caught in China, they are repatriated back to North Korea, where rights groups say they often face harsh interrogations and years of punishment, or even death, in political prison camps (such as the Pukch’ang camp), or in reeducation camps (such as the Chungsan camp or Chongori camp).

What is the meaning of North Korean defector?

North Korean defectors are Koreans who have fled North Korea seeking asylum in South Korea or other nations. A decade later, however, relations between the two Koreas worsened and this policy was abandoned.

Why do North Koreans go to Thailand?

Some refugees seek to travel directly from the border to Bangkok, as they hope for spending shorter time in the detention centre, and for faster resettlement processes. After being arrested, the North Korean refugees are temporarily detained by the Thai police.

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Will Moon Jae-in destroy the US-South Korea alliance?

South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in faces a problem of enormous proportions. He is reconciliation and dialogue with North Korea but is in no position to destroy the historic alliance with the United States.

What does the Korea strategic review reveal about Moon’s foreign policy?

The first volume of the annual Korea Strategic Review details the Moon administration’s approach to South Korean domestic politics, North Korean domestic politics, inter-Korean relations, and South Korean foreign policy. These four sections reveal key factors that will impact the success of Moon’s main agenda items:

What do Moon and Kim Jong-un’s summit talks mean for North Korea?

Both Moon and Kim also declared that they would not seek a regime change for North Korea, and in exchange, demanded North Korea desist military provocations, including the development of nuclear weapons and long-range missiles.