Which of the following is the most important area of concern in cloud computing?

Which of the following is the most important area of concern in cloud computing?

Which of the following is the most important area of concern in cloud computing? Explanation: When your data travels over and rests on systems that are no longer under your control, you have increased risk due to the interception and malfeasance of others. 9.

What are the services available on the cloud?


  • Software as a service (Saas)
  • Platform as a service (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  • Anything as a service (XaaS)

What are the components of a cloud computing environment?

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Components of Cloud Computing Architecture

  • Client Infrastructure. Client Infrastructure is a Front end component.
  • Application. The application may be any software or platform that a client wants to access.
  • Service.
  • Runtime Cloud.
  • Storage.
  • Infrastructure.
  • Management.
  • Security.

Which was the first highly visible Sdn success?

OpenFlow is only one of the first SDN canons, but it’s a key component because it started the networking software revolution.

Which of the following is best known service model?

Explanation: The best-known service models are Software as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Infrastructure as a Service—the SPI model.

Which of the following is most refined and restrictive model?

Which of the following is the most refined and restrictive service model? Explanation: When the service requires the client to use a complete hardware/software/application stack, it is using the most refined and restrictive service model. 8.

Which is the most of the cloud architecture?

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Que. Most of the cloud architectures are built on this type of architecture.
b. grid
c. linear
d. template
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What types of architecture is cloud computing?

Architecture of cloud computing is the combination of both SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and EDA (Event Driven Architecture). Client infrastructure, application, service, runtime, storage, infrastructure, management and security all these are the components of cloud computing architecture.

What is SDN security?

Software Defined Networking (SDN) and a diverse set of SDN-based security applications will rapidly gain traction in the fight against cybercrime. SDN can make it easier to collect network usage information, which could support improved algorithm design used to detect attacks.

Who developed SDN?

And you could implement the policies of a large institution directly in one place, centrally administered,” said McKeown. That led to the birth of The Clean Slate program and, shortly afterward, Kate Green from MIT Technology Review coined the term Software Defined Networking (SDN), he said.