Who are eligible for L3 darshan in Tirumala?

Who are eligible for L3 darshan in Tirumala?

The L2 VIP Break Darshan is restricted for TTD Employees, visitors who have recommendation letters from the ministers or dignitaries and VIPs. The L3 VIP Break Darshan is only open for devotees who present recommendation letters from MPs, MLAs, local politicians, TTD board member or the VIPs mentioned in L1 and L2.

How can I get VIP break in darshan in Tirumala?

According to the new scheme, a person who donates a sum of INR 10,oo0 or more in favour of SRIVANI Trust, will be entitled for availing a VIP Break Darshan Ticket. He will given a recommendation stating the same, on submitting of which, he can pay INR 500 and avail the darshan the next day.

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What is the cost of VIP break darshan in Tirumala?

Rs. 500 per Person
Tirumala Tirupati VIP Break Darshan Ticket Cost: Rs. 500 per Person.

Is VIP darshan allowed in Tirupati?

The VIP break darshan ticket holders are being allowed to go inside the sanctum sanctorum till ‘Kulasekhara Padi’ by paying just Rs 500 which is only Rs 200 more than special darshan ticket….Tirupati VIP Darshan Timings.


How do I get break darshan?

Primarily it is understood that any devotee contributing ₹10,000 will be entitled for one VIP break darshan ticket. An additional cost of ₹500 has to be paid for each ticket. Each devotee will be eligible to avail himself of five tickets at one go.

What is Srivani break darshan?

Under this scheme, TTD provides one VIP break darshan to every devotee who donates Rs. 10000 and pays Rs. 500 extra towards the darshan ticket. The Srivani donation linked VIP break darshan tickets are issued both under the current booking and the online modes.

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What is Srivani beginning break darshan?

Who is eligible for VIP darshan Tirumala?

How can I get VIP room in Tirumala?

Hi, You will need to visit JCO Office at Tirumala and they will be able allot you the accommodation.

What is L1 and L2 darshan in Tirumala?

L1 is being issued to protocol VIPs, high-profile politicians and celebrities while the L2 is mostly to TTD employees, journalists, officials in the lower rung etc and L3 against the recommendation letter from Ministers, sitting MPs, legislators and high officials.

What is Sri Vani Trust?

SRIVANI Trust was established with an objective to construct and maintain Venkateswara temples across the country, more so in places where the weaker section population is high. Devotees who donate to the TTD through SRIVANI Trust get one time privilege to avail of VIP Darshan at Tirumala temple.

What is Srivani donors break darshan?

How to apply for VIP break darshan at Tirumala?

Letter should contain a text like he is recommending you for the VIP Break Darshan at Tirumala. If you need accommodation as well, then get it mentioned that as well. Letter should contain his / her stamp with signature. Letter should be submitted at JEO Office one day in advance before 2 PM to get the VIP break darshan ticket for next day morning.

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How many layers are there in Tirupati VIP break Darshan ticket?

Tirumala Tirupati VIP Break Darshan Ticket does have 3 layers, L1, L2, and L3. L1 – VVIP officials fall under this category, like Judges, Higher Cadre Officials in Government organization, Highly influenced Political group.

How to apply for VIP break Darshan ticket at Jeo Delhi?

Letter should be submitted at JEO Office one day in advance before 2 PM to get the VIP break darshan ticket for next day morning. They will collect your mobile number for further communication. There is no online process to submit this letter in advance, one has to arrive and submit the letter in person.

What is L2 type VIP break Darshan?

The Officials who visit in this Darshan will allowed to stand in front of the idol for some time and will be offered theertham and Harathi. L2 Type VIP break Darshan is assigned for TTD Employees, their family members and also next level of officials and Government representatives.