Who are famous physicists?

Who are famous physicists?

According to a poll of scientists conducted by Physics World magazine (December 1999),the top ten physicists in history are as follows:

  • Albert Einstein.
  • Isaac Newton.
  • James Clerk Maxwell.
  • Niels Bohr.
  • Werner Heisenberg.
  • Galileo Galilei.
  • Richard Feynman.
  • Paul Dirac.

Who is international renowned physicist?

Famous Physicists

Classical Period
Sir Isaac Newton 1643-1727 English
Daniel Bernoulli 1700-1782 Swiss
Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790 American
Leonard Euler 1707-1783 Swiss

What is Lubos Motl’s job?

Luboš Motl/Professions

Was Benjamin Franklin a physicist?

Born on 17 January 1706 in Boston, Benjamin Franklin was not only an influential statesman but also a gifted scientist. His groundbreaking work with electricity made him world renowned and contributed to the beginning of modern physics. Among his many insights was the idea that electrical charge is conserved.

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Did Ben Franklin invent bifocals?

Like most of us, Franklin found that his eyesight was getting worse as he got older, and he grew both near-sighted and far-sighted. Tired of switching between two pairs of eyeglasses, he invented “double spectacles,” or what we now call bifocals.

Who are some famous people from the Czech Republic?

People like Franz Kafka, Martina Navratilova, Sigmund Freud, Jaroslav Heyrovsky, Vaclav Havel, Ivan Lendl and Eva Herzigova are just some of the Czechs who have earned unparalleled name and an irreplaceable status in the world map, all thanks to their insurmountable contribution in their diverse fields.

Who are the most famous Czech sociologists?

1 Václav Bělohradský (b. 1944) 2 Arnošt Bláha (1879–1960), sociologist 3 Egon Bondy (1930–2007) 4 Václav Černý (1905–1987) 5 Petr Chelčický (c.1390–c.1460) 6 Herbert Feigl (1902–1988) 7 Vilém Flusser (1920–1991) 8 Ernest Gellner (1925–1995) 9 Edmund Husserl (1859–1938) 10 Jerome of Prague (1379–1416)

Who are the top 10 most famous Czech authors?

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1 Franta Bělský 2 Břetislav Benda 3 František Bílek 4 Matthias Bernard Braun 5 Ferdinand Maxmilian Brokoff 6 Jan Brokoff 7 Michael Joseph Brokoff 8 Alfréd Hrdlička 9 Bohumil Kafka 10 Vincenc Makovský

Who is the greatest physicist of all time?

The greatest physicist of the time, Max Plank is credited with the birth of quantum theory, which won him the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1918. He was a deeply thoughtful and ethical man and possessed high intelligence, showing brilliance in mathematics, science, and music. 10. Richard Feynman