Why did Nam Tae Hyun left winner?

Why did Nam Tae Hyun left winner?

Two years after he debuted as a member of WINNER in 2014, Nam Tae Hyun left the group and his agency YG Entertainment in November 2016. Remarking that the question he was asked the most often was “why he had left YG,” Nam Tae Hyun explained, “I didn’t leave on bad terms. I wanted to live as myself, in my own style.”

When did Nam Taehyun leave winner?

2016: Exit : E, television appearances, and departure from Winner. In January 2016, Nam released the single “Pricked” (사랑가시) in collaboration with Mino as a warm-up track ahead of Winner’s EP Exit : E. The single charted at number two on MelOn.

What happened to winner Kpop group?

All four members of K-pop boy group WINNER have renewed their existing contracts with their label YG Entertainment. The company announced in statement published via South Korean news outlet My Daily that WINNER had re-signed with the label on August 18.

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What happened to winner YG?

The album also features “Dduk,” a solo song by Jinwoo, which depicts the moment of separation for lovers. Despite the band’s hiatus, the three members will continue to pursue their solo careers, YG said.

Why did one member leave winner?

It is very well known that Taehyun left Winner because of mental health issues. On October 12, YG Entertainment stated that Nam would be halting promotional activities and receiving treatment for mental health issues. As a result, Winner’s comeback was delayed indefinitely.

Is Taehyun still in winner?

WINNER went from a soulful kind of “band vibe” like EMPTY, SENTIMENTAL, BABY BABY to a very generic sort-of-trap music. I don’t know how much control Nam Tae-hyun had in terms of the music production in WINNER.

Why did one member leave Winner?

Is Taehyun still in Winner?

How many members does WINNER have?

four members
Winner (Korean: 위너; stylized in all caps), is a South Korean boy band consisting of four members: Jinwoo, Seunghoon, Mino and Seungyoon.