Why did Somi not debut with JYP?

Why did Somi not debut with JYP?

Jeon Somi terminated her contract with JYPE on August 20 in 2018 and later signed a contract with The Black Label (a sub-label of YG Ent.). Since she is no longer under JYPE, she can’t debut with ITZY (as ITZY is a group under JYPE).

What happened between Somi and JYP?

To everyone’s surprise, Somi suddenly announced in 2018 that she decided to leave JYP Entertainment, joining YG Entertainment’s subsidiary label, THE BLACK LABEL instead. Due to the lack of trainees in THE BLACK LABEL, she automatically became a soloist.

Did Somi audition for JYP?

And instead of music, internet lecture came out.” She did not make the audition due to this mistake. Jeon Somi is a trainee at JYP and she was on the show, MNet’s ‘Sixteen. ‘ She made it to the finalist of becoming the TWICE but did not make the debut member.

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Is Somi part of ITZY?

Pre-debut Profile Photos Of ITZY Released Online, Including Jeon SoMi. For those who did not know, Jeon SoMi used to be under JYP Entertainment before joining THEBLACKLABEL and debuted as a solo artist. With her departure from the group, it seemed like YuNa was later added into ITZY.

How long did Somi train in JYP?

2 years
Somi was bullied as a child for being of mixed descent. Somi can speak Korean and English fluently. Including both SIXTEEN and Produce 101, she had trained for 2 years.

Who was the last member to join ITZY?

The final member Lia initially auditioned for SM Entertainment and passed but was forced to back out at the last minute due to a disagreement with her parents. Several years later, Lia passed the JYP auditions and trained for two years. In 2017, Yuna and Ryujin appeared in BTS’s “Love Yourself” Highlight Reel.

How did YEJI join JYP?

2015–2019: Pre-debut activities After failing to pass the auditions held by Fantagio, Chaeryeong participated in JYP Entertainment’s survival show Sixteen in 2015. Both Yuna and Yeji joined JYP in 2015 and trained for three years, Yuna after being discovered by company staff and Yeji having successfully auditioned.

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How did YEJI get into JYP?

In a previous V Live, ITZY’s Yeji talked about how her audition with JYP Entertainment went. In the broadcast, ITZY’s Yeji shared that two JYP Entertainment staff members chose her for two main reasons. The staff member noted that Yeji was chosen due to her talent for dancing!

What happened to Somi from JYP?

It is a known fact that Somi used to be signed to JYP Entertainment. After a series of disappointments, Somi eventually joined the project group I.O.I. After the group disbanded, Somi decided to leave JYP in 2018, joining YG Entertainment‘s subsidiary label, The Black Label.

Why did so-mi leave JYP?

JYP Entertainment gave an official statement regarding her departure, saying that she left the company because her contract had ended. Even after that clarification from JYP Entertainment, fans still can’t accept it. Let’s see the truth behind why did So-mi leave JYP below!

Will Jeon Somi debut in a new girlgroup in 2019?

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The same thing has happened to Jeon Somi. Somi ’s debut schedule in a new girlgroup was said to be in the first half of 2018, latter in the end of 2018 and then delayed to the beginning of 2019. Maybe for some reasons, the debut of the new female group is being re-adjusted and Somi sees her blur future in JYP.

Will Jeon Somi be in sixteen 2?

But Somi is an awkward case for JYP. Jeon Somi has signed an artist contract with her agency so it is difficult to for her to participate in SIXTEEN 2 as a trainee. At the same time, it is hard to imagine that JYP’s new girl group will lack Somi, a popular star and a fixed center for sure.