Why did tywin not suspect Arya?

Why did tywin not suspect Arya?

Since he doesn’t think she has any affiliations worth noting, then the fact that she’s highborn doesn’t matter and he wouldn’t suspect her as a spy or something like that. AFAIK Tywin doesn’t even know what Arya looks like. At least they’ve never met before in the show.

Did Tywin know it was Arya at Harrenhal?

He never would have passed up the chance to use her as a hostage or bargaining chip against Robb had he realized who she really was. He may have deduced this after she left Harrenhal, but he never would have admitted this since it would have made him look bad.

Did Tywin know his cup bearer was Arya?

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Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Aidan Gillen (who plays Littlefinger) says at the time they filmed that scene, he was acting as though Littlefinger knew exactly who she was…. and said nothing because he realized Tywin did not. And there’s nothing Littlefinger loves more than knowing something his opponents do not.

What does tytywin think of Arya?

Tywin respects intelligence. He also respects people who are brave. Arya is both of those things. She’s “too smart for her own good” He knows that she’s a high born girl and I imagine he’s impressed with the fact that she’s surviving against all the odds.

What will happen to Arya Stark if she outed herself?

A major theme in Arya’s arc is her getting so close to going home or reuniting with her family, then being jerked away. If she outed herself to Tywin, he might take her back to King’s Landing to be with Sansa, or sell her to Robb and Catelyn.

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Did Tywin know Daenerys wasn’t a commoner?

Tywin famously doesn’t suffer fools gladly and grew an attachment to his unusually bright cupbearer. Tywin soon figures out that she isn’t a commoner despite trying to disguise herself as one. Some fans have wondered if Tywin was ever suspicious of her true identity and realized she was a Stark, but this is unlikely.

How would you describe tytywin Lannister’s character?

Tywin, it should be noted, is always shown as having a formidable intellect coupled with cunning and a chilling lack of empathy for others. That does not mean that he disregards their feelings; he knows that others feel, and uses their feelings to manipulate and, well, rule them.