Why is Kai called panty Oppa?

Why is Kai called panty Oppa?

It’s “Panty Oppa”. The nickname was created when Kai appeared on an episode of Knowing Bros. Kai continued to talk about the “Panty Oppa” nickname and explained that he didn’t like it at first. He was very stressed about it at first because he was worried people wouldn’t take him seriously when he performs on stage.

Who is Kai oppa?

Kim Jong-in (Korean: 김종인; born January 14, 1994), better known as Kai (Korean: 카이), is a South Korean singer, model, actor, and dancer. He is a member of the South Korean-Chinese boy group Exo, its sub unit Exo-K, and South Korean supergroup SuperM.

Who is Kai friends with?

Kai and SHINee’s Taemin are well known as best friends, and they recently both began promoting together in the SM Entertainment group SuperM. Esquire asked Kai to share if there are any differences between now and when they were promoting in different groups.

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What is exexo member Kai’s favorite nickname?

EXO members really complete each other. Kai was also asked about his countless nicknames that his fans have created for him. When asked about his favorite nickname, Kai mentioned an awkward new nickname that fans began to call him. It’s “Panty Oppa”. The nickname was created when Kai appeared on an episode of Knowing Bros.

What does fashion mean to Exo’s Kai?

Check out Esquire Magazine’s interview of Kai! EXO ‘s Kai is on the cover of the 25th Anniversary Issue of Esquire magazine. The interview with Esquire revealed Kai’s thoughts on what fashion means to him. When Kai was asked about what fashion means to him, Kai explained, “ I think fashion is a method of expressing one’s personality or thoughts.

What does “panty Oppa” mean?

He laughed as he shared that he recently got a new nickname, which is “Panty Oppa ” (“ oppa ” is a title used by women towards older brothers or male friends).

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Why is Kai called the “Master of center”?

Esquire brought up how fans gave him the nickname “master of center” after he’s been in the center position in most EXO performances. Kai replied, “Ah, rather than being a ‘master of center,’ I think I’ve probably ended up mainly standing in the center because I’m the main dancer.