Are blue heeler lab mix good dogs?

Are blue heeler lab mix good dogs?

The Blue Heeler/Australian Cattle Dog and Labrador Retriever make a good and cute mix, and the puppies combine an outgoing friendly personality from the Labrador Retriever, and sometimes the stubbornness of the Blue Heeler. They’re very resilient and are known for its outrageous stories of being strong dogs.

Is a Labraheeler a good dog?

Labraheeler Images A Labraheeler is a hybrid dog that has been created with a mix of the Labrador Retriever and the Australian Cattle Dog. Labraheelers are known to make excellent pets for active households with their incredible intelligence and warm smiles.

Are Blue Heeler Lab mixes aggressive?

Some Blue Heelers have been known to show aggression towards people. Therefore, your Blue Heeler Lab mix that needs to be well socialized. They need to be introduced to a wide variety of people and pets from an early age.

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Why do Blue Heelers bite so much?

Herding requires intense intelligence, stamina, the ability to adapt, and nipping. Nipping is one of the ways a herding dog directs animals in the direction he wants them to go. In addition, nipping is also a way to warn off potential threats to the family that have gotten too close for the Heeler’s comfort.

What kind of personality does a blue heeler lab mix have?

Their short, dense, weather-resistant coat is one of the breed’s defining features. They come in black, yellow, and chocolate colors. The Blue Heeler Lab mix personality can favor one parent breed or be a combination of both. Both parent breeds are highly intelligent, intensely loyal, and extremely energetic dogs.

How do you take care of a blue heeler lab mix?

The Blue Heeler Lab mix will also require an occasional bath to keep him clean. Trimming nails and brushing teeth should also be a part of their grooming regimen. This active, medium-sized dog will require high-quality dog food with a good source of protein. Avoid overfeeding a Labraheeler as they’re prone to joint problems.

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What kind of coat does a blue heeler mix have?

Blue Heeler Lab mixes have a stocky build with eyes that can be blue, hazel, and brown. Some have a different color in each eye. Its nose can be quite unique, too. It can either be black, brown, or isabella. Generally, they have a thick double-coat – a short and stiff topcoat, then a weather-resistant undercoat.

Are Blue Heelers good therapy dogs?

Labrador Retrievers are the AKC’s most popular dog in the U.S. Blue Heelers are ranked #54. Labs make great therapy and service dogs because of their mellow, eager to please nature. Bluey, the oldest dog that ever lived, was a Blue Heeler. He was 29 when he died in 1939! Blue heelers are very hardy.