Can Americans Do Erasmus Mundus?

Can Americans Do Erasmus Mundus?

Any student can apply, regardless of their country of origin, as long as they already have a Bachelor’s degree.

How many Erasmus Mundus programs can I apply to?

Yes, applicants for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship may apply to a maximum of three different Erasmus Mundus joint programmes (EMMC or EMJD) at the same time.

Is it difficult to get Erasmus Mundus scholarship?

As of a recent (unofficial) statistics, 5.2\% applicants successfully earn ERASMUS Mundus scholarships. So yes, with every growing popularity, competition is steep.

Who funds the Erasmus Programme?

the European Commission
Eligible students receive an Erasmus+ grant provided by the European Commission – this is paid through your institution. This grant contributes towards the extra costs that you may encounter from studying abroad. For 2018/19 the grant can be up to €300 to €350 a month, depending on the country you visit.

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Can I apply for two Erasmus Mundus scholarship?

No, individuals who have already benefited from an EMJMD scholarship are not eligible for a second scholarship in order to follow the same or another EMJMD.

Do I need Ielts for Erasmus Mundus?

Students only need an academic IELTS/Other valid English proficiency certificate to apply for this programme. However, since a work placement forms part of one of the Roehampton modules the student will need to apply for a General student visa, as the short-term study visa doesn’t allow for any work.

Can you do a joint master’s degree?

By taking a joint master’s course, you get two degrees in two years from two different universities. Typically, a dual master’s degree would take four years. Depending on the fields you choose to combine, you have your double master’s in two years.

Does Erasmus accept duolingo?

An academic transcript, containing sufficient courses in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Statistics and Mathematics. Proof of your English proficiency level of at least: 6.5 Academic IELTS; 110 Duolingo English Test ( )