Can Normalisation reduce marks?

Can Normalisation reduce marks?

Can normalization result in decrease and increase of marks compared to the raw scores? A. Yes, it completely depends on the parameters calculated based on the performance of candidates across sessions.

What is a raw mark?

The raw mark is the number of marks a learner achieved on an exam or assessment. The UMS mark (Uniform Mark Scale mark) or points score is a conversion of the raw mark.

How is Normalisation done in SSC CGL?

SSC uses the normalization formula to calculate the final score of a candidate based on the difficulty of its shift. The formula is based on the average marks scored in a particular shift that determines the difficulty level.

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What are the pros and cons of working on the night shift?

Shift work creates numerous productivity advantages but also comes with inherent risks. Workers on the night shift face the pros and cons of working odd hours and have to make a deliberate effort to remain healthy, productive and preserve your work-life balance.

Which is tougher SSC CGL or ssc bank exam?

The reasoning part of bank exams is tougher than the SSC exam as it more concept based. Though the Quantitative Aptitude Section is almost the same for both exams, candidates preparing for SSC CGL need to focus more on conceptual topics like trigonometry, Algebra, etc.

What is the scope of SSC CGL?

The SSC conducts CGL exam for various government posts such as Central Secretariat Service, CAG, Exercise Inspector, Statistical Investigator, Central Vigilance Commission, AO, Intelligence Bureau, Ministry of Railways/ Defence/ External Affairs, CBI and a few others Ministries. SSC CGL is purely a government job.

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What are the disadvantages of shift work?

Shift work is also challenging because there may be differences in work responsibilities between the shifts. A third-shift worker might be more responsible for safety and monitoring, whereas a first-shift worker might be given direct care responsibilities. This can create tension between the various shifts. 4. It can change sleeping habits.