Can trauma lower your IQ?

Can trauma lower your IQ?

Conclusion In this study, exposure to violence and trauma-related distress in young children were associated with substantial decrements in IQ and reading achievement.

What does childhood trauma do to your brain?

Trauma in early childhood can result in disrupted attachment, cognitive delays, and impaired emotional regulation. Also, the overdevelopment of certain pathways and the underdevelopment of others can lead to impairment later in life (Perry, 1995).

Is intelligence linked to trauma?

IQ was related to both categories of traumatic events: children with IQs greater than 115 had a lower risk for exposure to assaultive violence (OR, 0.16; 95\% CI, 0.09-0.30) and other traumas (OR, 0.38; 95\% CI, 0.24-0.60) (Table 3).

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Does childhood trauma affect IQ?

There were significant differences in the impact of childhood trauma on IQ across the 3 groups. Exposure in HCS was associated with a nearly 5-point reduction in IQ (−4.85; 95\% confidence interval [CI]: −7.98 to −1.73, P = . 002), a lesser reduction in siblings (−2.58; 95\% CI: −4.69 to −0.46, P = .

What is Post-Traumatic Growth in psychology?

Post-traumatic growth (PTG) is a theory that explains this kind of transformation following trauma. It was developed by psychologists Richard Tedeschi, PhD, and Lawrence Calhoun, PhD, in the mid-1990s, and holds that people who endure psychological struggle following adversity can often see positive growth afterward.

Which two personality traits on the big five make a person more likely to experience post-traumatic growth?

Several researchers examined posttraumatic growth and its associations with the big five personality model. Posttraumatic growth was found to be associated with greater agreeableness, openness, and extraversion.

Does trauma cause creativity?

Creativity helps the mind understand the personal and outer world during the rebuilding process. It helps the mind make sense of the experience, then understand and express new ways of being. Trauma induces creativity, and creativity induces post-traumatic growth. If trauma tears into life, fractures will be left open.