Does argent mean money in French?

Does argent mean money in French?

Silver coin; money.

Does argent mean silver or money?

This word means silver in French, and is always used in heraldry to designate that metal. In engraving English shields the part designated as argent is left white.

How does French call money?

But you have only have dollars in your pockets, and France goes by euros. What are these currencies called in France? You spot a bureau de change (bu-ro dö shon-zh), an exchange office, across the street….Spending Money in Paris.

French Pronunciation Meaning
un centime uhn son-tee-m a cent
la monnaie la mo-neh change
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What is the money in French?

CFP franc

What is another word for Argent?

What is another word for argent?

white silvery
slate snowy
slaty silvern
leaden pewter
silvered pearly

How do you say money in other languages?

In other languages money

  1. American English: money /ˈmʌni/
  2. Arabic: مَالٌ
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: dinheiro.
  4. Chinese: 钱
  5. Croatian: novac.
  6. Czech: peníze.
  7. Danish: penge.
  8. Dutch: geld.

What does the prefix argent mean?

Entries linking to argent *arg- Proto-Indo-European root meaning “to shine; white,” hence “silver” as the shining or white metal.

What is another word for argent?

How do you write French money?

6. In French, the currency symbol comes after the number

  1. $8.90 / £8.90 (in English)
  2. 8,90 $ / 8,90 € (in French)

How do I make money in French?


  1. A Bill, Note, or Paper Money – un billet.
  2. Cash – des espèces (f), du liquide (also refers to liquid)
  3. Change – la monnaie.
  4. Coin – une pièce (de monnaie)
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What is the meaning of Argent in French?

What does argent mean in French? argent. English Translation. money. More meanings for argent. money noun. monnaie, fonds, fric, liquide. silver noun.

How do you say money in French?

Funnily enough, the way how to say money in French is “argent”. It literally means “silver”, trace of an old age where precious metals were the currency of the day.

What does Monnaie mean in French?

The French word “monnaie” means “coin”, “currency” or “change”. So beware: “money” and “monnaie” are false friends, even though they are related. There are many slang words for cash: “de l’oseille”, “du fric”, “du pognon”, etc. The English word “cash” has also slipped into the French dictionary!

What is argent tincture?

argent – a metal tincture used in heraldry to give a silvery appearance tincture – a substances that colors metals achromatic, neutral – having no hue; “neutral colors like black or white”