How do I get a postdoctoral research fellowship?

How do I get a postdoctoral research fellowship?

Applying for a postdoc job? Here are 18 tips for a successful application

  1. Get advice from your PhD supervisor.
  2. Start building your networks early.
  3. Finding funding.
  4. Be cautious about firing off out-of-the-blue emails.
  5. Look for opportunities outside your specialism.
  6. Look worldwide.
  7. Consider opportunities for a portfolio career.

What makes a good Postdoc?

The National Postdoctoral Association’s core competencies toolkit details the essential expertise: knowledge of your field; research skills; communication skills; professionalism; leadership and management; and ethics.

When should I start looking for a Postdoc?

You should start thinking about your postdoc EARLY. I recommend applying for postdocs about a year before you want to leave your PhD lab. Yes, this seems early, but the process takes time, and PIs (principal investigators, i.e. lab heads) need to plan ahead to make decisions about how much space and funding they have.

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How can I be a good postdoc?

9 tips for a successful postdoctoral experience

  1. Reverse engineer success.
  2. Seek multiple mentors during your postdoc.
  3. Work intensely, but intelligently.
  4. Balance focus and exploration.
  5. Present your work often.
  6. Go to science meetings big and small.
  7. Learn to mentor, manage, communicate, and teach.
  8. Avoid burnout.

What makes a good postdoc?

What is the best place to advertise a postdoc position?

POSTDOC RECRUITMENT The Leading Source for Postdoc Recruiting Advertise on multiple career network sites Reach highly qualified candidates Trusted by postdoc community for 20 years Toll Free: 1-888-POSTDOC (1-888-767-8362)

Where to work as a postdoc in computational biology?

Computational biology postdoctoral positions are available in the Singh laboratory at Department of Molecular and Cellular Medicine, Texas A&M University The Hong Lab ( at Emory University and the Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center is seeking several post-doctoral fellows

Where can I find a postdoctoral position in biomedical device development?

A postdoctoral position is available in the laboratory of Dr. Minimum qualification: Applicant must have a PhD or equivalent in biomedical engineering or… More… A postdoctoral position in biomedical device development and translational medicine is available in the Wellman Center for Photomedicine at Massachusetts…

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