How is NDC impacting customer service in the airline industry?

How is NDC impacting customer service in the airline industry?

NDC was created to simplify and unify the airline shopping experience. In essence, NDC allows airlines, travel management companies, online travel agencies, corporate buyers, GDSs, and other technology players to transact seamlessly through a single software format.

What is NDC in the airline industry?

New Distribution Capability, NDC for short, is an XML-based data transmission standard (NDC Standard) that was launched by the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) to transform the way the travel industry sells its products and address the shortcomings of the existing airline distribution system.

What are the benefits of NDC?

Since NDC is based on a high-quality XML standard, both travellers and travel agents will have access to a rich content experience with pictures and videos. That means that you can see exactly how much extra space you are actually buying. It also makes it easier for you to compare several items (and airlines) at once.

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What does NDC mean for GDS?

New Distribution Capability
What exactly is New Distribution Capability? In other words, NDC refers to the airline’s capability to share information and sell their own goods and services directly to the travel agents without the GDS intermediary.

How can airlines improve customer service?

How to Improve Customer Service in the Airline Industry | 4 Steps

  1. Provide an Omnichannel Customer Experience.
  2. Build Relationships With Your Customers.
  3. Give Power to the Customer.
  4. Empower Your Customer Service Employees.
  5. Gett a Qless Business Demo Today.

How can airline industry improve customer satisfaction?

Three ways to improve your airline’s customer experience

  1. Interact in a friendly, authentic, and personalized way.
  2. Listen to the customer’s unique situation and acknowledge their needs.
  3. Give real-time, accurate information that empowers the customer to make decisions.

How has technology changed the airline industry?

New technology is revolutionising air travel across the world. It is making flights more efficient and eco-friendly. It is helping to improve security and make flight planning and operations more effective.