How long does a Kpop group last?

How long does a Kpop group last?

How long do most K-pop careers last for? Most groups sign seven year contracts, and while there are success stories who continue performing beyond that timeframe, the bulk of groups don’t make it that far.

Did a Black Swan member leave?

‘A’ reportedly claimed responsibility on Hyeme for their deteriorated marriage. As a company, it is possible to claim damages from Hyeme.” Hyeme left Black Swan in November of last year, after an office worker ‘B’ accused her of scamming him. Black Swan also had to quickly halt all their promotions due to her scandal.

Who is Black Swan leader?


Name Position(s) Year(s) active
Youngheun (영흔) Leader, Main Vocalist 2020–present
Fatou (파투) Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist 2020–present
Judy (주디) Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist 2020–present
Leia (레아) Vocalist, Visual, Lead Rapper, Maknae 2020–present
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Can a Kpop group stay forever?

Most K-Pop groups only last for so long, as there’s even something called the “7 Year Curse” in K-Pop. This is curse exists because many K-Pop groups end up disbanding after their 7’th year together, as it’s around this time when contracts expire. Here are 15 K-Pop groups who have been active for quite some time.

Why is Black Swan disbanding?

Black Swan made its debut last October but its activities came to a sudden halt when former Korean member Hyeme was accused of fraud. She left the group and the rest of the Black Swan members have been communicating with fans through a Youtube channel.

Who is blackswan new member?


What is happening with Black Swan?

It’s basically a battle between the personalities of the Black-Swan and White-Swan in Nina’s head. The two Nina’s fight and cause the mirror on the wall to break. Nina stabs her doppelganger who turns back into Imaginary-Lily and dies. Nina hides the dead body, gets dressed for her Black Swan act and exits.

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What do you think about Black Swan?

For more information, BlackSwan is a rebrand of Rania. Basically meaning they are Rania 2.0. I dislike the fact that the company is trying to use the fact that they have a black member in there group as a marketing strategy. Which is an element from both he groups.

Who are BlackSwan and illill?

Ill start with with some background to the company that BlackSwan are under. The Group are under DR Music (also known as DR Entertainment). The group debuted on October 16th with there first full album ‘Goodbye Rania’. Now your probably wondering, what’s Rania?

Should Kpop companies open the KPOP music genre to people of different colors?

I think kpop companies would like to open the kpop music genre to people of any color as performers, because the showing of different skin colors in a kpop group would make a group far more widely accepted around the world. The world is, in fact, made up of many different kinds of people.