How much power was Beerus using when he fought Goku?

How much power was Beerus using when he fought Goku?

Beerus had to face off against him but still very easily bodied him, so I would go ahead with the 10x power up like he did against SSJ3 Goku during the Battle of Gods Arc, placing his power at 5,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (5 Septillion).

Does Beerus have unlimited power?

Beerus power is infinite and when he touches something while in this form is instantly erased because of this Beerus rarely uses this form and everyone now call Beerus the Omni-Hakaishin God. His power level is completely Omnipotent.

Did Beerus hold back?

After several episodes of fighting, Goku finally fell to Beerus, who revealed that he was holding back the entire time. During this time, Goku has expressed an interest in increasing his strength so that he can eventually fight Beerus again and defeat him.

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How strong is Beerus 2021?

Beerus’ power level is around three billion at 100\%. Interestingly, although he appeared to be powerful, at some point, whether he has more power than Goku and Vegeta combined became an issue of concern.

How strong would Goku be compared to Beerus?

If Beerus was using a Millionth of his power SSB Goku would likely be stronger than Beerus which is far from being true. More realistically current SSB is getting closer to 0.01\% of Beerus’s power. Blue Kaioken times twenty would be 0.09\% while UI Omen 3rd phase is 17–39\% of Beerus’s power. MUI 67–88\% (If we’re u

How much power did Beerus use?

But, if you mean Movie (Beerus movie/RoF movie) Beerus, he was probably using around 10-15\%. If he was indeed using 70\%, and Blue is stronger than God, then Golden Frieza and SSJB Goku would be leagues above him, and Frieza wouldn’t be scared of him.

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How powerful is Beerus in the anime?

In the anime and manga versions of the BoG events, Beerus alone is stated to have power that could destroy the entire universe. 1.) A LOT. So much so that Whis noticed that Beerus was holding back and confronted him about using “70\%” of his power, which has been retconned since.

How strong would Goku be if he was 40 in SSB?

Goku should be 800 \% Beerus’ power if he was 40 in regular SSB. SSJB KKx10 Goku is 60\% of Beerus’s power, and KKx20 would briefly surpass him UI KKx100 Goku will defeat Grand Priest. Come at me! I don’t think it undermines it that much, i agree they could have said maybe 10\% even 20\%, but Beerus was supposed to be leagues above them!