Is Christopher Ward a luxury watch brand?

Is Christopher Ward a luxury watch brand?

From its launch in 2004, the company was established as the “world’s first exclusively online luxury watch brand.” Christopher Ward cut out retailers by selling directly to consumers.

Are Christopher Ward watches an investment?

British watch business Christopher Ward has secured investment of £6.25 million from the Business Growth Fund that will be used to accelerate growth.

Has Christopher Ward left the company?

“As the Christopher Ward brand moves forward into the new decade with more optimism than ever, it’s tinged with more than a little sadness that it will be without Chris himself. For, after nearly 16 years, Chris has now left the business and will no longer be involved on an ongoing basis.

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How many watches does Christopher Ward sell a year?

Christopher Ward sells around 25,000 watches per year directly to consumers via its own ecommerce site. The UK and United States are the company’s primary markets.

Where are Christopher Ward watches made?

Every Christopher Ward is built by hand in Switzerland, the epicentre of fine watchmaking, which offers an unrivalled pool of watchmaking talent, enabling us to create watches and movements that rival the best.

Where is Christopher Ward from?

Born in Liverpool in 1960 into a working-class catholic family of Irish descent, my early years were largely spent playing football around the fields and roads of Huyton.

Why did Christopher Ward leave the company?

Christopher Ward was growing tired of the clothing import business in which he worked, and was looking for a new challenge. Chris is now focusing on other ventures – it just felt right for him to move onto the next stage of his life as his involvement in the business gradually became smaller.

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When was Christopher Ward founded?

Christopher Ward/Founded

How many watches does Christopher Ward make?

Christopher Ward currently produces around 20,000 timepieces per year at the manufacture it owns in Switzerland.

Do Christopher Ward do ladies watches?

With an elegant dive watch look and modern style, the W60 Coral is just the sort of watch guys like me like to get for women. It has many traits that men look for in timepieces but made specially for a woman with an unmistakable feminine touch. As of right now Christopher Ward offers three versions of the Coral watch.