Is Star Trek discovery bigger than Enterprise?

Is Star Trek discovery bigger than Enterprise?

This is odd because, as a deep space cruiser, the Constitution-class Enterprise is supposed to be bigger than the Crossfield-class Discovery, which is a science vessel; the Enterprise’s crew complement is 400 while the Discovery’s was 131 in season 1 and grew to approximately 200 in season 2.

Why are Star Trek discovery uniforms different?

Not only that but the colors were changed to indicate which divisions were which. Originally gold was command and red was engineering. When Jean-Luc Picard took over, command was now red, while gold was engineering. Later on in the series, as it moved into films and spin-offs, a different jumper would be introduced.

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What class ship is discovery?

The U.S.S. Discovery is a Crossfield-class starship operated by Starfleet and commanded by Captain Gabriel Lorca. The U.S.S. Discovery NCC-1031 model comes with an exclusive collector’s magazine featuring details about the vessel and its design, along with a breakdown of the technology on board.

Did the cage happen before Discovery?

USS Enterprise under Pike visited Talos IV 3 years before Discovery season 2. To clarify the timeline of all of the Talos IV visits, the first one took place in “The Cage” in 2254. The big takeaway here is that Pike’s visit to Talos IV happened three years before this season of Discovery.

What do Starfleet uniform colors mean?

The colors include white for command; gold for engineering; gray for science, communications and navigation; dark green for security; light green for medical; dark blue for operations; light blue for special services; and red for low-grade officers and officer cadets.

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Where can I find information about Star Trek Discovery?

External links. Star Trek: Discovery – Star Trek: Discovery is an American television series created for CBS All Access by Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman. It is the first series developed specifically for that service, and the first Star Trek series since Star Trek: Enterprise concluded in 2005.

Is Star Trek Discovery the best series in the franchise?

In 2019, Nerdist ranked Star Trek: Discovery, up to and including its second season, the fourth best television series out of seven in the Star Trek franchise.

Is “diversity” the problem with Star Trek Discovery?

No, “Diversity” isn’t the problem with Star Trek Discovery. I just wanted to get that out of the way in case someone decides to make this about gender or race. It’s not. It just sucks. CBS does however use gender and race to excuse the fact that they seem to have created a show with no real characters or plot.

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What was that Hope Is you Part 2 on Star Trek Discovery?

Star Trek: Discovery’s Season 3 finale, “That Hope Is You, Part 2” showed the inner workings of a turbolift system that’s awesome, but makes no sense. WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Star Trek: Discovery ‘s Season 3 finale, “That Hope Is You, Part 2”, now streaming on CBS All Access.