What are examples of teaching resources?

What are examples of teaching resources?

Teaching and learning resources

  • text books.
  • novels.
  • films.
  • plays.
  • radio programs.
  • multimedia.
  • digital learning resources including video, audio, text, animations and images.
  • lectures.

What are teaching resources?

A teaching resource is a material that is designed to help facilitate learning and knowledge acquisition.

What are the types of tutorial teaching?

Tutorials are of three types :

  • Group Tutorial. Group Tutorials are conducted to solve the problems of the grown up pupils of average level.
  • Supervised Tutorial. In the supervised tutorials, the talented pupils and the teachers discuss the problems time to time.
  • Practical Tutorial.
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What are the resources for teaching social studies?

The wide range of resources include textbooks, newspapers, pictures and charts, maps, models, real object resource centers, audio-visual devices, chalkboard and flannel graph. When the school instructional material are available, they must be well organize and administered for effective use.

How learning resources help the teachers in teaching?

As well as being sources of knowledge for teachers, learning resources can be used by teachers and teacher educators to co-construct knowledge as part of continuing professional development. For example, observation sheets, feedback forms and action plans can be used during classroom observation and mentoring.

How do you choose teaching resources?

Selecting teaching resources that meet student needs: a guide

  1. Follow the official guidelines.
  2. Ask your teacher-librarian.
  3. Use data for resource selection.
  4. Think outside the box for subject-specific tools.
  5. State and territory education authority guidelines.
  6. Your teaching resource selection checklist.

What is an example of a material resource?

Material resources include wood, glass (which comes from sand), metals, edible plants, and plastics (which are made from natural chemicals). Renewable material resources, like glass, can be re-created easily.

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What is tutorial method of teaching?

Tutorial teaching is a method, which delivered following the usual lecture. This is remedial teaching that is individualized or given to a specific group of students. Goal. The very aim of the tutorial or remedial teaching is to help the students to improve their cognitive and other academic abilities.

What is tutorial method of learning?

A tutorial, in education, is a method of transferring knowledge and may be used as a part of a learning process. More interactive and specific than a book or a lecture, a tutorial seeks to teach by example and supply the information to complete a certain task.

What are resource material in Social Studies?

Instructional materials are all the objects, things, people and places used to promote the teaching and learning of social studies. The organized combination and utilization of materials, facilities, equipment and people ease the presentation of content for the realization of stated objectives.

What is source method of teaching?

Source method is that method of teaching in which original sources of information are used to explain a point or variety a fact or establish a principle or describe an event. This method involves activity on the parts of the teachers as well as pupils.