What is a linkage section?

What is a linkage section?

The Linkage Section describes data made available from another program through the CALL statement. It can also be used to describe the format of data accessed by using the ADDRESS OF special register.

What is the limit of linkage section in COBOL?

There is a limit of 255 level 01 Linkage data items per program. There is no limit for the number of subordinate items allowed for each of these level 01 items.

Can we initialize linkage section variable?

No you cannot use.

What happens if you add a copybook to linkage section instead of adding it to a working storage section in a sub program?

Having a copybook that can be used in the Working-Storage or Local-Storage Section of a calling program and the Linkage Section of the program being called ensures the parameters on the CALL match. As noted in another answer, no storage is allocated for a copybook in the Linkage Section.

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What is the use of redefines clause in COBOL?

Redefines Clause. Redefines clause is used to define a storage with different data description. If one or more data items are not used simultaneously, then the same storage can be utilized for another data item. So the same storage can be referred with different data items.

What is 77 level used for in Cobol?

Level 77 is a special level number in COBOL which is used to declare independent data items; they are not subdivisions of other data items and are not subdivided themselves.

What is the difference between stop run and go back in Cobol?

STOP RUN can only be used in the main program. When executed, it returns back to OS. GOBACK can be used both in the main program and in a sub program. GOBACK returns controls either back to the main program or to the OS.

What is the use of copybook in COBOL?

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In COBOL, a copybook file is used to define data elements that can be referenced by many programs. When the Declaration Generator creates a declaration for a COBOL program, it writes it to a copybook file (. cpy file).

Is Procedure Division mandatory in COBOL?

The Procedure Division is optional in a COBOL source program. The Procedure Division consists of optional declaratives, and procedures that contain sections and/or paragraphs, sentences, and statements. The structure of the Procedure Division is as follows: Format 1 – with Sections and Paragraphs.

What is level 88 in Cobol?

88 level number in COBOL is one of the most used declarations in mainframes development and it is considered as a special level number which is used to improve the readability of COBOL programs. As it gives a name to a condition, it is also called as ‘Condition Names’.