What is jet lag in simple words?

What is jet lag in simple words?

/ˈdʒet ˌlæɡ/ the feeling of tiredness and confusion that people experience after making a long journey by plane to a place where the time is different from the place they left: Every time I fly to the States, I get really bad jet lag. Tired and making tired.

How long does a jet lag last?

How long jet lag lasts will depend on several factors. These include how far you traveled, your body’s unique rhythms and your overall health. Many people who experience jet lag feel better a few days after arriving to their destination. For some people, it can take up to one week to feel fully back to themselves.

Why is it called jet lag?

The term “jet lag” is used because before the arrival of passenger jet aircraft, it was uncommon to travel far and fast enough to cause desynchronosis. Travel by propeller-driven aircraft, by ship, or by train was slower and of more limited distance than jet flights, and thus did not contribute widely to the issue.

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How do you prepare for jetlag?

Bring along earplugs, an eye mask and headphones to block noise and light, and make it easier to sleep. If it’s daytime where you’re headed, stay awake during the flight. Once you arrive, stick to the local schedule. Dehydration may worsen jet lag symptoms.

Should I take a nap if I have jet lag?

And, despite what travelers may have heard about avoiding naps if they’re trying to beat jet lag, he said that a 30-minute to hourlong snooze is actually beneficial because it gives you enough energy to stay awake through the day but still get a good night’s rest.

What is the best way to deal with jet lag?

Avoid caffeine-heavy beverages such as coffee, cola and energy drinks. These artificial stimulants will affect your ability to sleep and increase jet lag recovery time. Your body functions best when it’s hydrated, so drinking lots of water is a great way to offset the effects of jet lag.

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What does jet lag feel like?

Jet lag can occur when sleep-wake patterns are disturbed. A person may feel drowsy, tired, irritable, lethargic, and slightly disoriented. It can result from traveling across time zones or from doing shift work. The more time zones a person crosses in a short period, the more severe the symptoms are likely to be.

How does jet lag really affect your health?

Stomach problems. The most common complaints include stomach problems and cravings for foods at odd hours.

  • Irregular periods. It’s also quite common for women to see an impact on the timing of their menstrual cycles.
  • Long-term consequences.
  • How long does it take to get over jet lag?

    There is a factor of one day of recovery from jet lag for every time zone shifted. So, in case you have travelled from the East coast of the United States to Europe, with a 6 hours of time difference, then you can expect the jet lag may lasts up to 6 days to completely recover.