What is the best IV a Pokemon can have?

What is the best IV a Pokémon can have?

Each Pokémon has a IV ranging from 0 to 31 for each of the six key stats (HP through Speed). The higher the IV, the better the stat….Determining IVs.

Statement IV Range
Best 31
Fantastic 30
Very Good 26 – 29
Pretty Good 16 – 25

What is the highest IV in Pokémon?

Pokemon Lets Go Individual values abbreviated as IVs are how players determine if they have a strong Pokemon that is worth Leveling Up. IVs are based on the base stats, such as Attack, Defense, Speed, Special Attack, Special Defense. Each stats goes up to a Maximum Value of 31 and having a maxed out stat is Flawless.

Can you get 6 perfect IVs on a Pokémon?

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It’s possible, at least in the recent generations. I occasionally get some in Japanese breedjects from wonder trade (wrong ability usually). It takes a fantastic dedication to breeding, though. Barring that, you can always find a gold bottle cap and max the IVs that way.

What does 6 IVs mean in Pokémon?

They are random numbers given to a Pokemon in each stat. They are capable of increasing a stat of your Pokemon. The highest an IV is 31, which is considered to be 1 IV. If all of the stats (HP, Attack, Speed, etc.) had 31 IVs, it’d be known as a 6IV Pokemon.

What is the perfect IV for Eevee?

Eevee Perfect IV CP Chart

1 15 112
25 765 856
29 887 948
33 964 1009
37 1025 1071

What is a 0 IV Pokemon?

A Pokemon with a 0\% Attack IV sounds like it’d be incredibly weak, but IVs are added onto a “base stat” for attack that’s shared with all Pokemon of their type.

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Can you get 31 IVs in every stat?

First off, IVs (or Individual Values) are stats that the Pokémon are “born” with. They cannot be changed, with the exception of Hyper Training. A Pokémon has anywhere from 0-31 IVs per stat.

What is the perfect IV Pokemon?

IVs are determined when you first encounter a Pokemon, when you hatch it or when you obtain it. The only way to influence IVs is Pokemon breeding because the offspring will inherit some IVs from their parents. A perfect IV Pokemon is a Pokemon with all its IVs (usually only 5 of them) at the maximum value of 31.

Which Pokemon starters are the best?

Popplio/Primarina. Reminiscent of Empoleon,Primarina bears a stat spread that lacks in Speed but favors Special Attack and Special Defense.

  • Charmander/Charizard. Classic Charmeleon morphs into the imposing Charizard,bearing an impressive BST that orients towards Special Attack and Speed.
  • Piplup/Empoleon.
  • Bulbasaur/Venusaur.
  • Mudkip/Swampert.
  • What is the Best Pokemon to use?

    The short answer here would be either Dragonite or Snorlax are 2 of the most powerful Pokemon in the game and as such are the best pokemon to use.

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    What are perfect IVs?

    Top Voted Answer. To have “perfect IVs” is to have a value of 31 in all stats’ IVs at the same time. IVs are hidden stats. There is a set of IVs for each stat, ranging from a value of 0 to 31. For each IV point in a stat, that stat will grow by one point by the time the Pokemon hits Level 100 (discounting the influence of Nature).