What is the cut off for BMS in Jai Hind college?

What is the cut off for BMS in Jai Hind college?

Jai Hind College UG Cutoff 2020

Course Name Round 1 Round 2
BCom in Banking and insurance 91.20 88
BComin Financial Markets 94.60 93.67
Bachelor of Media Management (BMM) 89.33 87.80
Bachelor of Management Studies 92 89.54

How is mithibai for BMS?

The course is approved by AICTE and comprised of total six semesters. It is one of the best colleges in Mumbai to pursue a BMS degree in. It had amazing faculty, infrastructure, and a variety of courses offered in order to enhance a students potential holistically. Overall it is known for generating the best results.

Which College is better for BMM between Jai Hind and KC?

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Both are well reputed for BMM, although you need to know that Jai Hind is autonomous and KC is still under MU. Also, BMM in KC is held in the Colaba campus which is not as good as Jai Hind infrastructure-wise.

Which College is the best for BMS in Mumbai?

HR college Mumbai. This is the order for BMS. NM college is not yet autonomous so it suffers the delays of MU. All of these colleges are good since they are Autonomous. Faculty and course is good. Cannot really expect to get a super placement after graduation but they are fairly decent.

Which College is better for BMM KC or Sophia College?

I guess KC is better for bmm . But you can try for Sophia college for bmm if you got good marks it is among top 10 colleges in India for bmm .so try first for Sophia if you could make it well and good. But if you couldn’t, than try for KC bmm as I m from I had my friends faculty is good there and last you go for jaihind. Even Lal’s is good for bmm

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What is the difference between JHC and HR at Jain University?

JHC’s attendence requirement is above 20\% (at least for BA) whereas HR’s is 75\% (for unaided courses). JHC does not have a dress code whereas HR doesn’t allow you to enter in crop tops and shorts. JHC is more festive as compared to HR.