What is the cut off of Jai Hind Junior college?

What is the cut off of Jai Hind Junior college?

Jai Hind College UG Cutoff 2020

Course Name Round 1 Round 2
Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) 91 88
Bachelor of Science (BSc) 75.08 60
BVoc in Software Development 50 53.08
Bachelor of Arts (BA) 95.67 94

What is the fees for Fyjc in Jai Hind College?

Jai Hind College fees for the major programs are as follows: The Jai Hind College B.Sc fees is INR 6,130 for 1st year, INR 5,910 for 2nd year, and INR 6,160 for 3rd year….Jai Hind College, Mumbai Fee Structure and List of Courses Summary.

Course Duration Fees
Bachelor of Vocational Studies [B.Voc] 3 year(s) 20

What is the history of Jai Hind College?

Jai Hind College, established in 1948, is an autonomous college located in Mumbai and affiliated with the University of Mumbai. It is a junior college as well as a regular degree college.

Is Jai Hind College in Mumbai NAAC approved?

Jai Hind College has been granted the Autonomous status from the Academic year 2018-19 onwards. The University of Mumbai will confer the graduation and post graduation degree which will now also bear the name of Jai Hind college. Jai Hind College has been reaccredited in the 3rd Cycle of NAAC with ‘A’ Grade with CGPA 3.52 on 4.

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What are the active cells at Jai Hind College?

Placement Cell, Entrepreneurship Cell, Enactus, Wellness Cell, Women’s Development Cell are some of the active cells of the college. Clubs and Societies: The college has a number of societies where students can explore their talents. The Social and Dramatic Union of Jai Hind College is one of the most prestigious cultural organizations in the city.

What is the Memorandum of understanding between TCS and Jai Hind College?

The memorandum of understanding (MOU) agreement was signed by Dr. Ashok Wadia, Principal, JaiHind College and Ranjan Bandyopadhyay, Vice President, TCS HR on the 3rd of March, 2020. This partnership between TCS & Jai Hind College starting from the academic year 2020-2021, is tailored to let our students stay ahead on the learning curve.