Where can I drive fast in the Bay Area?

Where can I drive fast in the Bay Area?

Half moon bay and around to La Honda (92 -> 1 -> 84)

  • Los Gatos -> Santa Cruz.
  • Calaveras Road.
  • Route 130.
  • Highway 130 to Observatory.
  • Redwood Road.
  • Skyline.
  • Page Mill Road.
  • Where can I race in the Bay Area?

    The Best 10 Race Tracks in San Francisco Bay Area, CA

    • OnGrid. 13.6 mi. Race Tracks.
    • Sonoma Raceway. 28.4 mi. 189 reviews.
    • Antioch Speedway. 25.5 mi. Race Tracks, Stadiums & Arenas.
    • The Driveway. 38.5 mi. 102 reviews.
    • Golden Gate Fields Racetrack. 8.2 mi. 449 reviews.
    • Nor-Cal Hobbies. 38.8 mi.
    • X3 Adventures. 21.0 mi.
    • Umigo Racing. 27.9 mi.

    Where can I drive around Bay Area?

    Hit the Road: 6 Scenic Drives to Take in the Bay Area

    • Skyline Boulevard (Route 35)
    • Muir Woods to Mt.
    • Pacifica to Santa Cruz (Highway 1)
    • Marin to Point Reyes Lighthouse (Sir Francis Drake Blvd)
    • Berkeley Hills (Wildcat Canyon Rd)
    • 49 Mile Scenic Drive through San Francisco.
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    Where can you drive in San Francisco?

    TOP 10 BEST scenic drive in San Francisco, CA

    • 49 Mile Scenic Drive. 1.5 mi. Landmarks & Historical Buildings.
    • Rainbow Falls. 1.8 mi. Parks.
    • Scenic Grizzly Peak Vista. 13.7 mi. Parks.
    • Twin Peaks. 0.9 mi. 1197 reviews.
    • Lovers’ Lane at the Presidio. 2.2 mi. 69 reviews.
    • Strawberry Hill. 2.2 mi.
    • The Presidio. 2.8 mi.
    • Fort Point. 2.8 mi.

    Where can I track my car in Bay Area?

    Best car race track in San Francisco Bay Area, CA

    • OnGrid. 13.6 mi. Race Tracks.
    • X3 Adventures. 21.0 mi. Racing Experience.
    • Sonoma Raceway. 28.4 mi. 190 reviews.
    • Antioch Speedway. 25.5 mi.
    • SSi Racing Team. 29.0 mi.
    • Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area. 37.9 mi.
    • Nor-Cal Hobbies. 38.8 mi.
    • Dietsch Motorsports. 27.3 mi.

    Where can I drive to in San Francisco?

    7 Sites to Visit on a Driving Tour of San Francisco

    • Haight-Ashbury. You can’t visit San Francisco without flashing back to the hippie-dippie days of the 1960s.
    • The Mission District.
    • The Castro District.
    • Twin Peaks.
    • The Golden Gate Bridge.
    • Nob Hill/Russian Hill.
    • Alamo Square.
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    Is San Francisco a driving city?

    San Francisco is one of the most dangerous cities for car drivers in the United States, according to a recent report. San Francisco and the rest of Southern California have hot weather year-round, which brings many drivers and pedestrians on the streets at the same time.

    Is San Francisco hard to drive?

    Driving in San Francisco is definitely hard, but mastering the art of driving here is not impossible. All it takes is a strategy, knowing what areas to avoid, patience, street smarts, and large amounts of intestinal fortitude. It is also paramount to be aware of those sharing the road with you.

    What is hooked on driving?

    Hooked On Driving (HOD) is a community of automotive enthusiasts who share a passion for driving their cars. All you need to participate is a helmet (available rentals), and an inspection to be sure you car is roadworthy.