Which principle is used in the design of jigs and fixtures?

Which principle is used in the design of jigs and fixtures?

3-2-1 Principle of Location used in Jig & Fixtures: [1] It is also known as a six-pin or six-point location principle. In this, the three adjacent locating surfaces of the blank (workpiece) are resting against 3, 2, and 1 pin respectively, which prevent 9 degrees of freedom.

What are the requirements to design a drill jig?

Jig generally consists of locating element, clamping element and tool guiding or setting element.

  • Locating Elements. Locating elements position the workpiece accurately with respect to tool guiding elements in the jig.
  • Clamping Elements.
  • Tool Guiding Elements.

What is tooling and fixture design?

Automate the entire tool development process including part design, tool assembly layout, and detailed tooling design and validation using advanced NX functionality.

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What is a 3 2 1 principle in jigs and fixture?

The 3-2-1 method is a work-holding principle where three pins are located on the 1st principle plane, i.e., either XY, YZ, ZX. And two pins are located on the 2nd plane perpendicular to the 1st plane, and at last, one pin on the plane is mutually perpendicular to the 1st and 2nd planes.

What is the use of jig and fixture?

What is the use of a jig and fixture? A jig and fixture are work holding devices used in machining operations as an agent of support. They secure, support or mount a workpiece correctly on the parts of a CNC machine.

What is jig and fixtures?

Jigs and fixtures are production tools used to. accurately manufacture duplicate and interchangeable. parts. Jigs and fixtures are specially designed so that large. numbers of components can be machined or assembled.

What is the advantage of jig and fixture?

Advantages of Jigs and Fixtures: It gives rapid production work. It reduced manufacturing costs. Complex and heavy components can be easily machined. Owing to high clamping rigidity, higher speed, feeds and depth of cut can be used.

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What is the name of clamp used in jig?

1. Lever of Strap Clamps: This is the most popular clamping device used in workshops, and tool rooms of jigs and fixtures.