Who are successful IITians?

Who are successful IITians?

In 2014 According to Forbes, Khosla was among the 400 richest people in the United States. Deepinder Goyal founder and CEO of India’s biggest food delivery app Zomato. Deepinder completed his graduation from IIT Delhi back in 2005 with a degree in Mathematics and Computing.

Do you have to be a genius to get into IIT?

Of course not! As one clears Class X board exams and manages to secure a seat in Physics-Chemistry-Maths (PCM) stream in Class XI, the goal of becoming an IITian (or at least NITian) seems to become a mass hysteria and one pervasive dream of all the school students.

Are all IITians intelligent Quora?

No. In fact, a majority of IITians aren’t probably as smart as they seem to be. For example, an average kid wanting to qualify through the JEE would attend various coaching classes and slog it out, more so in those last two years of schooling.

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Is Chetan Bhagat IITian?

Bhagat graduated in mechanical engineering at IIT Delhi and completed a PGP at IIM Ahmedabad.

Are there any geniuses who aren’t in the top 20?

Those who didn’t appear in the top twenty of both lists are automatically out of the game, but it’s not to say they are any less than intelligent than the people in this list (we can never tell). Moreover, the list didn’t include twentieth-century geniuses such as Albert Einstein, Enrico Fermi and Stephen Hawking.

Are all IITians gifted?

Most IITians (ranks betn 1-6000) are indeed gifted and have IQs much higher than the general. But in lower ranks, there may be students who are brilliant but study less than required or make many silly mistakes. There are also students who are just above average in intelligence but qualify due to sincerity and extreme hard work.

Who is the most brilliant person in the world?

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By the way, William James Sidis was the most brilliant guy in th world. He mastered over 40 languages and has done many achievements. Albert Einstein’s IQ level is 160-190.

Who is the best and smartest IITian you have seen?

The best and smartest ever IITians I have seen are Prof. Ashish Nanda and our former RBI governor Dr. Raghuram Rajan There are many things that are common with these two. P.S: I have personally experienced the teaching of Prof. Ashish Nanda in 4–5 sessions at IIM and its god-like.