Who are the characters in the West Wing based on?

Who are the characters in the West Wing based on?

6 TV characters who were supposedly inspired by real-life…

  • Judy Smith inspired Olivia Pope on “Scandal.”
  • Matthew Santos in “The West Wing” was partially modeled after then-Senator Barack Obama.
  • Josh Lyman in “The West Wing” takes some inspiration from Rahm Emanuel.

Why was Josiah Bartlett called Jed?

Jed is from the first letter of the first name and the first two letters of his middle name. Religion: Catholic & religious: “The President’s a deeply religious man. . . .

Was West Wing based on the American president?

The series developed following the success of 1995 theatrical film The American President, for which Aaron Sorkin wrote the screenplay, and in which Martin Sheen played the White House Chief of Staff. Unused plot elements from the film and a suggestion from Akiva Goldsman inspired Sorkin to create The West Wing.

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Who preceded Jed Bartlet?

Josiah Bartlet

Josiah Bartlet (in universe; office holder)
Vice President John Hoynes (1999–2003) Bob Russell (2003–2007)
Preceded by Owen Lassiter
Succeeded by Matthew Santos
Governor of New Hampshire

Is Matt Santos based on Obama?

Matthew Vincente Santos is a fictional character on the American television show The West Wing, played by Jimmy Smits. According to David Remnick’s biography of Barack Obama, The Bridge, and other news sources, West Wing writer and producer Eli Attie used Obama as a model for Santos.

Who played Leo’s daughter on West Wing?

Allison Smith
Allison Smith (born December 9, 1969) is an American actress, singer, writer and director, best known for her work on television as Mallory O’Brien in Aaron Sorkin’s Emmy Award-winning NBC drama The West Wing and for starring on Broadway in the title role Annie.

Who is the American president based on?


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Who produced the American president?

Rob Reiner
Charles NewirthJeffrey StottBarbara Maltby
The American President/Producers