Who can join Quora?

Who can join Quora?

To sign up for Quora, you can use your Google or Facebook account, or just use your email address. Then, tell Quora what topics you’re interested in, and what topics you already know about. You can also connect with your Facebook friends who are already on Quora.

How do I become a member of Quora?

You can follow this steps:

  1. Download Quora application or search in Google.
  2. Try to sign up with your email address.
  3. Add your credentials.
  4. Add the relevant questions and answers of your choice.

What is the minimum age to use Quora?

You need to be at least 13 years old to use Quora. If you are below the age of majority, i.e. not yet an adult, your parent or guardian must agree to those terms for you, and is accountable for what you do on Quora.

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Can I use Quora without logging in?

The answer is simply Yes. We all know that Quora is a bit pushy with logging in, if you are not signed in, you can’t search for another question on it. and the problem is solved, now you can browse Quora without signing in even in the Incognito Mode. The answer is simply Yes.

Why is Quora 13 and up?

Originally Answered: Why is the age to use Quora set at 13? It has to do with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). It regulates the collection of personal information such as name, location, etc. of children under 13.

How do I stop Quora from signing up?

Method 2

  1. For example, if the URL is:
  2. You just add?
  3. Now the the URL should look like this:
  4. Paste this new URL onto the Google address bar.
  5. Press the “Enter” key of your keyboard.
  6. Instantly you can view the page without any more obstruction by Quora’s sign-in page.
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Does Quora work in incognito?

#1 Use the incognito window to view Quora’s page In order to see the page without login, right-click on the link and select Open link in incognito window. The incognito window will not follow the saved cookie used on the normal browser page. That’s why you will be able to see the content without restriction.

Is Quora a Google app?

If you are an Android user, you can download the Quora app on the Google Play Store . But your android version needs to be 4.1 or higher. But if you’re using an iOS smartphone , you can download the app on App Store . But you will need to have iOS 9.0 or higher.