Why does Jin have so few lines in BTS?

Why does Jin have so few lines in BTS?

And to sum it up and answer your question, Jin has fewer lines because his asset is his visuals. Although now, Jin has improved a whole lot. We saw him being made fun of other members because of his dancing skills but from all the experiences, trainings and practices, I believe he has closed the gap of his abilities from other members]

Which member of BTS has the least number of lines?

Jin, unfortunate with the least lines. I do understand his lack of lines in the first four albums. No More Dream, N.O, Boy in Luv, and Danger were all songs that didn’t really suit Jin’s ballad-style vocals. It would still have been nice if he got more lines, but I understand that there was a reason.

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Is BTS member BTS improving in his dancing skills?

Instead of saying he’s improving, it’s more like he is getting more confident in his dancing skills. BTS won best boy group dance award a few times because of their synchchronisation which means ALL the members must be good at dancing for their choreography to be in synch.

Which member of BTS works the hardest behind the screen?

Just like the members have said, Jin works the hardest behind the screen. He might look jovial and funny at all times but the members admitted that he is a serious man off-screen so don’t get fooled by the way he acts from the outside. Just because he acts chaotic doesn’t mean he ain’t serious about being an idol.

Is Jimin the scariest member of BTS when he gets angry?

Well, if that’s what you thought, then get ready to have your beliefs questioned! Your browser does not support video. V was right: Jimin is the scariest member of BTS when he gets angry. And here are the receipts to prove it:

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Is BTS member Jin at his elder brother’s wedding?

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Does BTS’s oldest Hyung jin look like the maknae?

“Hyung, you look like our maknae!” For years, BTS ‘s oldest hyung Jin has been playfully mistaken for the maknae, or the youngest, member of the group. Is it because his undying worldwide handsomeness?