Why temples are more in Tamilnadu?

Why temples are more in Tamilnadu?

Tamil Nadu has rightly earned the title “The Land of Temples”. More than 30,000 temples bear the character and distinct style belonging to different dynasties. The common feature that runs through them is the outward appearance and close resemblance owing to one common feature.

What is different about northern and southern Hindu temples?

While Northern Indian temples lead from a gate of lower height to a much taller tower above the garba griha, in the southern variety, the biggest towers, the gopurums, enormous gate-pyramids, adorn the entrance, dominate the temple site, and lead to the smaller tower of the temple itself.

Why Tamil Nadu is famous for its temples?

The former capital of the Pallavas, this city is famous not only for its silk but also for its temples and its great religious fervour. The city has five main temples, of which two are dedicated to Shiva (including Kailasanatha), two to Vishnu, and one is dedicated to Goddess Parvati, Shiva’s wife.

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Which state has more Hindu temple in India?

The largest number of Hindu temples under the ASI’s protection is in Karnataka, followed by Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, and Andhra Pradesh.

What are the unique features of the South Indian Dravidian temples?

It is seen in Hindu temples, and the most distinctive difference from north Indian styles is the use of a shorter and more pyramidal tower over the garbhagriha or sanctuary called a vimana, where the north has taller towers, usually bending inwards as they rise, called shikharas.

What are the common features of the temples in northern and southern India?

Explanation: there are two main style of temple architecture the Nagara style and Dravidian style the Nagara style temples were built in Northern India Dravidian style prevailed in South India in the Nagara style of temple architecture the tower know as shikhar is an inverted structure with a bulge the middle khajuraho …