Can we use whitener on service agreement in TCS?

Can we use whitener on service agreement in TCS?

No you should not use whitener in service agreement for correction.

Can we use whitener on affidavit?

Yes, you can use whitener on your NCA and Medical Certificate.

Do you know about TCS service agreement?

1) yes you call TCS people and tell them in service agreement was for 2 years period and 50k was compensation. So you can go may mutual negotiations only for 50k and not for 2 lacs. If you are ready to make some payment to TCS in lieu of their legal notice, you are free to negotiate.

Is E stamp paper valid in TCS?

E-Stamping of the Service Agreement is allowed if it is available for non-judicial stamp. At the beginning of your agreement, you must mention the date as your date of joining TCSL. In the second page,mention your duration of your training as Twelve Months and minimum period of service should be mentioned as Two years.

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Can we overwrite in affidavit?

Affidavits are attested as a whole in one transaction , as such you cannot make any change in the affidavit once it has been attested.

Can we edit affidavit?

The Process for Changing of Name in India : MAKE NAME CHANGE AFFIDAVIT– Make the Name Change Affidavit on a stamp paper and make it Notarized from the Notary public or from the Magistrate. The Details may include in Affidavit are : Old Name, New Name, Address.

Can surety be father in TCS service agreement?

Any person who is an Income Tax Payee or has Land property can be your surety! Example: your father! So just make sure you place the signatures in proper places and have your surety fill up the “Surety Verification Form”. You need attested photocopies of the surety’s latest income tax return and pan card.

Where can I get TCS service agreement?

You can download the Service Agreement by logging in to TCS nextstep website – ILP corner and clicking on ‘Download Service Agreement for Rs100 Stamp Paper/`Rs 50 Stamp Paper’ link on TCS NextStep>>ILP Corner>>First Day at TCS>> Joining Formalities.