Did TWICE make JYP famous?

Did TWICE make JYP famous?

JYP Entertainment’s TWICE is one of the most popular K-pop girl groups at present. “Breakthrough” came after TWICE’s “Candy Pop,” which also reached over 100 million views in the April of 2019, followed by TWICE’s Japanese version of “TT” in December of 2020.

Was JYP successful?

Netizens say JYP Entertainment is an expert in creating successful girl groups. TWICE has gained immense popularity globally as they solidified their name as one of the most popular K-pop girl groups with their song “Cheer Up.” Since then, TWICE steadily grows its fan base both domestically and internationally.

Why does JYP overwork TWICE?

The claims about the success TWICE brought to JYPE are no joke, either. But the same reason is most likely why they are being overworked: The more content they put out, the more money the company makes, which will push JYPE to continue milking TWICE for all their worth.

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How many years did Jihyo train with JYP?

From July 2005 to her debut in October 2015, Jihyo endured ten years and four months of training with JYP Entertainment. Throughout the years, she watched the Wonder Girls and miss A debut while she remained a trainee. Your browser does not support video.

Why did Jeongyeon choose JYP over SM Entertainment?

By 2010, Jeongyeon tried again at the 6th JYP Entertainment Open Audition and passed with an Ivy Star Award. In fact, she heard back from both SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment on the same day, but she chose JYP Entertainment because she was more attracted to the agency.

Why did Nayeon not join JYP?

Unfortunately, her mother refused to allow her to model and Nayeon was unable to begin training with the agency. By 2010, Nayeon decided the stage life is what she wanted. She auditioned at JYP Entertainment’s 7th Open Audition without telling her family.

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How did twice’s girls get famous?

Each TWICE girl comes with a unique and amazing story behind the journey to K-Pop stardom! TWICE, now one of the most successful girl groups in the history of K-Pop, didn’t happen overnight. The talented and beautiful members of this remarkable girl group came a long way before they debuted as one.