How can I prepare for Sikkim tour?

How can I prepare for Sikkim tour?

A hiking trip will need proper hiking shoes, sun protectors for eyes, proper dress, or maybe a flash light, some sun protecting lotions, caps and more. Similarly, a mountainous destination like Sikkim will require layers of warm clothes, sweaters, pull overs, cardigans, thermals, socks and caps.

What clothes to wear in Sikkim?

6 Sikkim Traditional Dresses

  • Bhutia Tribe – Bakhu/Kho. The traditional dress of the people of Sikkim and Bhutias is the Bakhu (according to the Nepalese dialect) or Kho (according to the Bhutia dialect).
  • Thokro-Dum. The traditional Thokro-Dum of Lepcha community (Source)
  • Dumvum.
  • Shuruval.
  • Pharia.
  • Wedding Attire.

How many days is enough for Sikkim tour?

Sikkim is one of the most beautiful place in India…! It will take you around 12-15 days to explore famous points in the state. But I would like to suggest you that don’t extend the trip for more than 10 days including Darjeeling as u are with family.

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Which month is best for Sikkim?

As suggested by Sikkim Tourism, the best time to visit Sikkim is either between March and May or October and mid-December. If you want to witness the blooming natural beauty in Gangtok best season to visit would be in spring, from March to May.

What is the best time to visit Silk Route?

However, the most ideal time to get the maximum out of your Silk Route trip are the months of May and October when the climate is perfectly pleasant for exploration and the roads are immune from the wrath of rain and snow. The months of April, May, and June are the peak season with high influx of tourists.

What is the best season or month to visit Sikkim?

Summer Season (March to June)

  • Monsoon Season (July to August)
  • Winter Season (September to December)
  • What is the best mode to travel in Sikkim?

    There are several tourist attractions in and around Sikkim and the best mode of transport is a cab service. You will come across plenty of cab services in Sikkim for a quality travel experience. Places to visit in and nearby Sikkim Sikkim is always a good option for travellers as it provides with plenty of opportunities.

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    Which are the best places to visit Sikkim in June?

    Apart from this, there are a few places where you can pay a visit. These are Singshore Bridge, Rimbi Waterfall, and Sanga Choeling Monastery. All in all, it is considered one of the best places to visit in Sikkim in June. 3. Rinchenpong

    When is the best time to visit Shimla?

    The best time to visit Shimla would be October to November and from March to May. It is advisable not to visit Shimla during monsoons as the place has a history of having landslides every now and then. The roads can get very slippery and it is not a good idea to roam around at this time.