How many Wellington bombers were shot down?

How many Wellington bombers were shot down?

During operations under Bomber Command, Wellingtons flew a total of 47,409 operations, dropped 41,823 tons (37,941 tonnes) of bombs and lost 1,332 aircraft in action.

What was the life expectancy of a bomber crew in ww2?

It had a crew of seven from the pilot to the gunners. Everyone had to play their part to stay alive. The Lancaster was one of the most dangerous places to be in the entire war – the life expectancy of a new recruit was just two weeks.

What was Bomber Command in ww2?

RAF Bomber Command

Bomber Command
Role Strategic bombing
Headquarters 1936–1940: RAF Uxbridge 1940–1968: RAF High Wycombe
Motto(s) Strike Hard Strike Sure
Engagements Second World War
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How many Wellington bombers are still flying?

Restoration is continuing on one of just two surviving Vickers Wellington bombers from the Second World War. Experts from the Michael Beetham Conservation Centre at the RAF Museum Cosford are carrying out the painstaking project.

How many Bomber Command veterans are still alive?

Nick is believed to be one of fewer than 100 iconic Bomber Command veterans still alive today in the UK to tell their heartstopping tale.

Are there any Halifax bombers left?

Following the end of the Second World War, the RAF quickly retired the Halifax, after the type was succeeded as a strategic bomber by the Avro Lincoln, an advanced derivative of the Lancaster….Handley Page Halifax.

First flight 25 October 1939
Introduction 13 November 1940
Retired 1961 (Pakistani Air Force)
Status Retired

Are there any Lancaster bombers still flying?

One of only two Lancaster bombers still flying has landed at RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire after undergoing an almost year-long maintenance programme. Crowds were there to witness the aircraft, built in 1945, touch down at the airbase. It will now rejoin the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.

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How many Lancaster bombers were shot down?

According to Bomber Command Museum, over half of the Lancasters produced, 3,932 of them, were shot down during the war, at a total cost of £186,770,000 (or £7,397,375,152 when adjusted for inflation).