Is Ranjan Raj an IITian?

Is Ranjan Raj an IITian?

Raj enrolled himself at IIT Bombay but dropout during the second year of B. Tech graduation. During graduation, he proceeded to compete in a variety of drama contests like Do Gaz Zameen and garnered accolades for his talent as an actor.

Is Kota Factory real?

Not completely but Kota Factory is somewhat based on a true story. The show was originally the idea of IITians and Engineers of the TVF family/ Crew.

Is Kota Factory cast IITians?

10. Meena aka Ranjan Raj, like Jitendra Kumar, is also an ex-IITian. It seems like Kota Factory is made by IITians for the IIT aspirants. Like Jitendra Kumar, Ranjan Raj is also an ex-IITian.

What is the difference between an IITian and a non-IITian?

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With new IITs coming into place, there is not much of a distinction between IITians and non-IITians. If you do look at the marks in JEE, you would see that the tail is long but pretty thin.. The JEE topper (Rank 1) vs Rank 10 will have as many marks difference between 10 and 100, and as many as between 100 and 1000, and between 1000 and 3000.

Is success in life decided by IITians or non-IITians?

Success is never decided by you being an iitian or a non iitian…there are many examples before us who have proved to me far much worthy then many iitians who even struggle for placement (harsh but true) When he was rejected by all the IITs, he decided to join medical studies.

Is it true that an IITian can think a better solution?

I am NOT an IITian but definitely I had once been an IIT aspirant, so here is a brief note of my experience for all those who dream to be IITian. Yes, its true, definitely the IITian could ‘think a better solution’ than us because they are more ‘focussed’ towards their goals.

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Are all IITians successful in the IIT-JEE?

Yes. Since those who are successful in IIT-JEE only become IITians, only IITians are successful. Others are born to fail, they should be called unsuccesful. Sachin Tendulkar, Mukesh Ambani, Shahrukh Khan, Narendra Modi, are few such “unsuccessful” people.