What happened to Finn Balor face?

What happened to Finn Balor face?

Finn Balor confirmed he suffered a broken jaw in his main event victory over Kyle O’Reilly at NXT TakeOver 31 on Sunday. Balor successfully defended the NXT Championship, but the match exacted a physical toll on him.

Was Finn Balor injury real?

Finn Balor Relinquishes WWE Universal Championship Due to Shoulder Injury. But WWE confirmed Monday he suffered a shoulder injury during the course of the match: “He hit the wall during the match, dislocated his shoulder and was able to put it back in himself in a split second,” said ringside physician Dr.

Why did Finn Balor lose the universal championship?

Bálor was the first WWE wrestler to win a world title in his pay-per-view debut as well as winning his first world title in less than a month of his debut on WWE’s main roster. During the championship match, however, Bálor suffered a legitimate shoulder injury and was forced to vacate the title the following day.

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Is Finn Balor injured Extreme Rules?

The end of the match did look planned, but if Reigns knew that he was winning the match and Balor was legitimately injured from the fall, then the two men would’ve been able to call that ending on the fly.

Why is Finn Balor back at NXT?

In an interview with FOX Sports, Balor revealed the reason for his run on NXT. “The office came to me and said, ‘Hey, we know you need a little time to regroup and refocus, and we could use your help in NXT. But you recalibrate your character and then go back to RAW or SmackDown,'” Finn Balor said.

Is Finn Balor still with WWE?

Finn Balor is setting his sights on winning main-roster titles again following his return to WWE SmackDown. The Irishman won the Universal Championship and Intercontinental Championship (x2) during his three-year run on WWE’s main roster between 2016 and 2019. He is also a two-time NXT Champion.

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Who hurt Finn Balor?

It was a statement performance from O’Reilly, who is hungry to succeed in singles competition, as well as a fantastic title defense for Bálor. But there was a price to pay for that brilliance. Toward the end of the match, O’Reilly’s knee caught Bálor flush in the chin, causing two separate fractures to his jaw.

How did Finn Balor get the universal championship?

At the SummerSlam pay-per-view event on August 21, 2016, Finn Balor defeated Seth Rollins to become the first-ever Universal Champion. The title was introduced by Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon following the WWE Draft, with Dean Ambrose taking the WWE Championship over to SmackDown.

How long did Finn Balor hold the universal championship?

Championship Holders over time

Champion Date of Reign | Time Held
Brock Lesnar Apr 2, 2017 – Aug 19, 2018 503 days
Goldberg Mar 5, 2017 – Apr 2, 2017 27 days
Kevin Owens Aug 29, 2016 – Mar 5, 2017 188 days
Finn Bálor Aug 21, 2016 – Aug 22, 2016 <1 day
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How did the rope break in WWE?

A rope break, in theory, is relatively simple. If you have your opponent in a submission hold or are covering them for a pin, and they get their hand or foot on the ring ropes, the referee stops the count. In those cases, the referee’s ruling stands.

Was the rope break planned?

The top rope breaking on last night’s WWE RAW was reportedly a planned spot. RAW then went to commercial and came back to a ring crew member finishing up the repair job. It was noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that the rope break spot was done so they had a way to take the show to the commercial break.

Did Balor return to SmackDown?

Finn Balor made his return to WWE’s main roster on Friday night’s edition of SmackDown at the Toyota Center in Houston. The 39-year-old was part of WWE’s main roster from 2016-19, but he went back to NXT in 2019 and eventually became NXT champion for the second time in his career.