What is an original suit?

What is an original suit?

Orignal suit is suit filed at court of first instance. For eg, If suit is filed in District court then the suit is orignal suit in District court. Though the same case can reach a higher court in appeal, the orignal suit would still be considered to be filed in District court (court of first instance.) 6.3K views.

What is original petition and original suit?

Rule 3(9) of the Code of Civil Procedure defines Original Petition as: ‘Original petition means a petition whereby any proceeding other than a suit or appeal or a proceedings in execution of a decree or order, is instituted in a court.” The Original Petition refers to the point of origination of the dispute.

What is ordinary suit?

In Regular (Regular Suit) Suit, a defendant is entitled to defend the suit as a matter of right and no leave to be obtained from Court to defend. In ordinary suit (Regular Suit), the Decree cannot be set aside by trial Court except on the grounds of review.

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What is legal suit?

law·suit. (lô′so͞ot′) An action or proceeding other than a criminal prosecution brought in a court of law or equity.

What is difference between suit and case?

is that suit is a set of clothes to be worn together, now especially a man’s matching jacket and trousers (also business suit or lounge suit), or a similar outfit for a woman while case is an actual event, situation, or fact or case can be a box that contains or can contain a number of identical items of manufacture.

What is a suit describe different stages of a suit?

1) Presentation of the plaint. 2) Service of summons on defendant. 3) Appearance of parties. 4) Ex-party Decree. 5) Filing of written statement by the defendant.

What is an original application?

“Original” is used in the patent statute and rules to refer to an application which is not a reissue application. An original application may be a first filing or a continuing application. Source: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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What is suit petition?

The petition, plaint, suit are very much drafted by the civil lawyers in India. Major differences of petition/plaint/suit. A petition is a formal solicitation looking for a particular court request, made by an individual, gathering or association to the court, regularly toward the beginning of a claim.

What is recovery suit?

The civil remedy for recovery of money is by way of institution of a suit in a court of appropriate jurisdiction. The suit can be instituted under Order IV of the Code of Civil Procedure 1908 (CPC). Dispute Resolution (Litigation, Arbitration & Mediation) More.

What is representative suit?

A representative suit is a suit that is filed by one or more persons on behalf of themselves and others having same interest in the suit. Definition: A representative suit is a suit filed by or against one or more persons on behalf of themselves and others having the same interest in the suit.

What is the difference between suit and case?