What is the difference between a Spitfire and Hurricane?

What is the difference between a Spitfire and Hurricane?

Both aircraft are the same height, with the Hurricane being only mildly longer and wider. The Spitfire is noticeably faster than the Hurricane, although, sacrifices range for speed. On top of this, the Spitfire has a slightly higher service ceiling, although, this doesn’t make much of a difference.

Which came first Spitfire or Hurricane?

Work on the Spitfire design actually began several years before the Hurricane, but because it was a more complex and innovative airplane, it took longer to develop. Eventually, 14,000 Hurricanes would be built and 22,000 Spitfires (including Royal Navy Seafires).

Why are Spitfire wings elliptical?

the elliptic wing: “…the real advantage of the elliptical wing turned out to be its low induced drag at very high altitudes, such altitudes not having been considered during the design, but realised during the war, helping to keep Spitfire in the front line during rapid development under Joe Smith.

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How can you tell a Spitfire from a hurricane?

Look at the tail. The Spitfire’s is relatively small and curves upward from the top of the fuselage in a smooth curve, while the Hurricane’s comes off at a sharper angle. Similarly the Hurricane’s horizontal stabilizer is higher – almost in line with the top of the fuselage.

What is the difference between a hurricane and a Spifire?

A Spifire is “flat” on top and the lower fuselage curves/ slopes upwards. A Hurricane is “flat” on the bottom and the upper fuselage curves/ slopes downwards. While they both used the same engine (up until Spits got the Griffon[1]) Hurris are “stubbier-looking”.

What happened to the hurricane and Spitfire?

However, with the widespread introduction of jets in the 1950’s, and the onset of the Cold War, both the Hurricane and Spitfire were retired. Before we can compare both the Hurricane and the Spitfire, we must first understand the basics behind both of the aircraft.

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How can you tell the difference between a Spitfire and a canopy?

On the Spitfire, it’s reversed – the top of the fuselage follows the line of the canopy, while the bottom comes up to meet it. It’s a subtle difference at first glance, but once you’ve seen it once it’s a very clear distinction.