What is the most cited book of all time?

What is the most cited book of all time?

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions
First is the sheer number of citations for the most-cited books: the most cited book, Thomas Kuhn’s book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, has more citations that the entire body of work of such noted social scientists as John Stuart Mill (74,807 citations), Daniel Dennett (67,625), Avinash Dixit (61,112) or …

Who has the highest citations on Google Scholar?

Top publications

Publication h5-index
1. Nature 414
2. The New England Journal of Medicine 410
3. Science 391
4. IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 356

What is considered a high number of citations?

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With 10 or more citations, your work is now in the top 24\% of the most cited work worldwide; this increased to the top 1.8\% as you reach 100 or more citations.

Who is the most cited author of all time?

From 1972 to 1992, Professor Chomsky was cited 7,449 times in the Social Science Citation Index-likely the greatest number of times for a living person there as well, although the research into those numbers isn’t complete. In addition, from 1974 to 1992 he was cited 1,619 times in the Science Citation Index.

What is the most cited scientific article?

The top 10 most cited work

Rank Citations Journal
1 305,148 J. Biol. Chem.
2 213,005 Nature
3 155,530 Anal. Biochem.
4 65,335 Proc. Natl Acad. Sci. USA

What is the most cited paper?

Most-cited papers The most-cited paper in history is a paper by Oliver Lowry describing an assay to measure the concentration of proteins. By 2014 it had accumulated more than 305,000 citations.

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Which scientist has most citations?

Computer scientist Alexandros Stamatakis from the Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies (HITS) again belongs to the most cited researchers worldwide, based on a study by Clarivate Analytics.

What is highly cited paper?

Highly Cited Papers are papers that perform in the top 1\% based on the number of citations received when compared to other papers published in the same field in the same year.

Which things are to be cited in a research paper?

Quotations,opinions,and predictions,whether directly quoted or paraphrased.

  • Statistics derived by the original author.
  • Visuals in the original.
  • Another author’s theories.
  • Case studies.
  • Another author’s direct experimental methods or results.
  • Another author’s specialized research procedures or findings.
  • What do I have to cite in a research paper?

    The In-text Citation. When citing a research paper, include references within two sections: The citation information in the body of the paper itself is called the “in-text citation”. The most obvious time to use it in text is when you use a quote from a source directly or refer to it by title or author.

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    Where to put citations in a research paper?

    Place the in-text citation within the text of your paper after the information that the citation refers to. In most cases the citation will go at the end of the sentence, but in some cases where you are discussing a concept in more than one sentence, you will put the citation after a set of sentences that are all discussing the same idea or concept.

    Why is properly citing sources in a research paper important?

    Why citing is important. It’s important to cite sources you used in your research for several reasons: To show your reader you’ve done proper research by listing sources you used to get your information. To be a responsible scholar by giving credit to other researchers and acknowledging their ideas.